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Perfect Martini

Um, no. Take the vermouth, pour it into the glass, swish it around, and throw it out. Add Gin. Then a peel of lime.

Nov 10, 2014
MrsFezziwig in Recipes

CHOW Reviews: Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker (33969)

I've been using cockpots ever since they first came out and have been through several. I never loved the Crock Pot brand. The last one I had cooked much too hot. When I found this one, it was the best one I've ever had. I LOVE the probe, and the ability to cook to temperature. The first time I made a chicken recipe in the slow cooker, it was sawdust, Because of the probe,and the ability to set the temp., the chicken now cooks the correct time, and turns off. I always put the probe in the lid whether or not I'm using it, to seal it. I have had the best result with all of my slow cooker recipes in this appliance. Before my nest was emptied, I used it 3-4 times a week. Now I use it about 2 days a week. I LOVE my HamBeach!

Oct 07, 2013
MrsFezziwig in Cookware

What would be your Dream Restaurant?

I would like a dark, quiet (no kids) restaurant with high backed chairs and booths, and a piano player with a baby grand. A fireplace in the winter and a window on a lighted garden out a window in the summer.

May 28, 2013
MrsFezziwig in Not About Food