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What is the word on LEE Restaurant?

Lee is great. It's definitely in my regular rotation. In terms of consistency and value, it's tough to beat in this city. Dinner and drinks for two usually winds up in the $100-150 range.

Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant

It's a sports bar. The food is roughly on par with Front Street chains like Jack Astors, Loose Moose etc. that serve mainly frozen/ processed food.

anyone tried the "LPK's Culinary Groove" or "Gourmet Loic To Go" at Queen/Broadview

We have found Loic to be great quality and value. Their dishes can be finished at home in a matter of minutes.

I really enjoy their pork tenderloin and garlic mashed potatoes.

Highly recommend!

Is Nota Bene a good restaurant for Valentine's Day dinner?

It is a large, noisy room. Not intimate or romantic at all.

I second the Scaramouche rec.

Nota Bene - Amazing experience yet again - review + pics

My girlfriend and I recently dined at Nota Bene for the first time and came away rather disappointed.

To start we shared the Buffalo Mozzarella and Duck Prosciutto. Unfortunately the central elements of both dishes were served on (and overwhelmed by) what seemed to be large beds of identically dressed arugula. While the quality of the mozzarella itself was good, the portion was quite small. It was however complimented nicely by grilled radicchio. Point of reference: we found L'Unita's mozzarella di bufula to be much better and more satisfying. It was the same price and featured a more substantial serving of mozzarella that was actually, and rightly so, the focal point of the dish.

For our mains my GF had the Lobster Pasta and I had the Beef Short Ribs. We also added a side of Onion Rings. Both dishes were again pretty underwhelming. The short ribs in particular were under seasoned and bland. The light, crisp and salty onions rings ended up being the highlight of the night.

Service was adequate but it seemed our waitress was spread a little too thin. We had to flag her down a couple times to order wine and then at the end to request our check.

Dinner, with five glasses of wine and tip came to $200.

Would maybe go back to sit at he bar for a drink and to try the charcuterie (or have another bowl of onion rings), but that's about it.

a Sturdy Proper sandwich in Newport RI?

Apologies Frobisher. Haven't been on the NE board for a while, so just seeing your post now.

I only said I didn't consider the grinders at Firehouse to be Chowish. Not all grinders in general, which is not an insignificant distinction.

There's no reason a sandwich can't be considered good "chow", but for me at least, a certain level of thought and love needs to be put into its construction/ preparation for it to attain that status. That was never my experience at Firehouse and that's all I was really trying to convey.

a Sturdy Proper sandwich in Newport RI?

I was trying to be nice but yeah, the kids that work there are pretty much permanently stoned. Still, the grinders aren't totally inedible... It's the kind of place you only to to out of laziness/ convenience. Definitely not what SS is looking for...

a Sturdy Proper sandwich in Newport RI?

Nothing against the grinders at Firehouse, I've had them many times, but I wouldn't consider them "Chow-ish".

Does anyone have the scoop on Table 17, Queen East

I think those are actually deep-fried Jerusalem artichoke hearts with the striploin, not potato chips.

Does anyone have the scoop on Table 17, Queen East

Table 17 is open.

Similar to JKWB recommendation?

Try The Grill at Scaramouche.

Rentable Kitchen/Dining Area?

You could look into "Yer Ma's Kitchen" at the Dora Keogh. Not 100% sure they will let you cook yourself."

Jalapeno @ King W. or La Hacienda @ Queen W.

Jalapeno is a Mexican restaurant. The food is reasonably priced and about as authentic as you'll find in Toronto (not that that's saying much)...

La Hacienda is a place to get drinks. It's best feature is it's back patio, which you won't be able to take advantage of...

A Good Burger

I have to disagree. Vehemently. Went there for the first time this week...

First of all, what atmosphere?It's a service counter, a couple of tables, and some chairs.

Second, and more importantly, the burgers are thin (frozen?), overcooked, flavorless patties. Absolutely awful.

Good Beer Bars/Bistros

How about Rebel House or Beer Bistro? Both have good beer selections (especially BB) and food: burgers at Rebel House and outstanding frites at BB.

BB also has a big flat screen behind the bar and usually has games on (there are afternoon NHL games on today because of American Thanksgiving).

Rebel House
1068 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W2L4, CA

Beer Bistro
18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

Smoked Elk

You can definitely get it at the farmer's market across the street from the St. Lawrence Market on Saturday. Sampled some there a few weeks ago.

Second City Theatre Area

Tutti Matti and Lee are the best mid-range options with good food and service within a few blocks of King/ Peter. Avoid everything on the King W strip between John and Peter.

Pizza Rustica has decent pizza in a crunch but the rest of their menu is average at best. And their service probably doesn't qualify as good.

Freshwood Grill

I had never been before but went tto the Kensington location this weekend and ended up getting two perfect burgers. Probably the best I've ever had in this city in fact.

Strikes me as the kind of place where you need to have realistic expectations going in. Not stray to far on the menu from what they do well (burgers). And accept the service and atmosphere for what it is.

New Yorker looking for a good burger...

Add Freshwood Grill ( to your list. This thread got me craving a burger so I decided to check out the Kensington location.... And damn if I didn't get what was very probably the best restaurant burger I've ever had in this town.

They were having trouble with their heat and the only warmth being generated seemed to be coming from the wood burning grill (which was fine since I was on my way home and getting my food to go). I ordered a burger ($6) with cheddar and bacon ($1 each). Burgers seem to be hand formed ground beef (from Berretta Organic Farms according to the menu). Definitely not frozen patties! Cooking process was a little slower than normal on the wood burning grill but but the burger came perfectly medium rare, had a hint of smokiness and was served with a little red onion, tomato, some kind of mayo and a perfectly toasted (and maybe lightly buttered?) bun which complimented the burger nicely and was not overbearing or distracting in the least. Simple. Juicy. Unpretentious. Good.

Anyway, VERY nice first impression. Not sure how consistent this place is but I will definitely return to find out.

New Yorker looking for a good burger...

nyc - I was in the same position as you when I moved back to Toronto from the Upper East Side six years ago. And after an extensive burger mission I realized: it's really hard to find a good burger in Toronto... (Though I think that's largely true of anywhere).

That said, based on what you've said you're looking for, I think Allen's ( is your best bet. I believe they use Cumbrae beef and the atmosphere is not dissimilar to J.G. Mellon's (which is my "go to" NYC burger FWIW). As mentioned above the burger is barely noted on the menu so you have to ask for it specifically.

The Rebel House is a pretty solid option as well though I personally don't care for the buffalo/ beef mix they use.

Happy chowing, let us know how it goes!

Best Deli

In the market Scheffler's is a solid option as well. I just got some smoked meat there this past weekend and it was excellent.

Looking for quaint, rustic Italian

Tutti Matti is pretty quaint and cozy... The food is rustic Tuscan and among the best Italian in the city.

Tutti Matti
364 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V1R7, CA