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lard in Houston?

Looking for some lard for pie crust in Houston. I 'd love leaf lard if I could find it. I don't care for the stuff at the regular grocery store because it has crisco in it. Any ideas?

Nov 16, 2009
wendileigh in Houston

good coffee in San Antonio

Wildfire Coffee!!!!! They roast their own in house and it's great. On Huebner near Bitters.

Sep 28, 2009
wendileigh in Texas

best high end food in houston

What about Textile? Is it worth the hype. I was hoping for a chef's tasting menu somewhere paired with wine.

Aug 16, 2009
wendileigh in Houston

best high end food in houston

Ok, so my husband promised to take me anywhere I wanted to go eat in Houston. Now I need to figure out where. We moved here a few months ago and the only nice place we've been so far is Feast, which I loved. I want to know where you'd go if given the opportunity and why. Price isn't an issue. I want amazing food and great service.

Aug 14, 2009
wendileigh in Houston

SAT - Best Thai?

Bangkok Cuisine on Pat Booker and 1604. Amazing, best thai in town.

Aug 11, 2009
wendileigh in Texas

Where is the Best fried chicken in SA.TX

Mr. and Mrs. G's all the way. Awesome chicken plus black eyed peas sweet potatoes, and greens. If you go get some dessert it's all awesome.

May 30, 2009
wendileigh in Texas

Minneapolis healthy food delivery

I found a personal chef for them. Thank you!

Minneapolis healthy food delivery

My brother and his wife just had their first baby in Minneapolis. All our family lives in different states and we were wanting to send them meals. I have no idea if there are any good services. They lean more towards the whole foods and organic food. Let me know any thoughts.

Fantastic hole-in-the-walls in San Antonio and in Austin?

Try the Lord's Kitchen in SA amazing burgers.

Apr 09, 2009
wendileigh in Texas

Not to be missed in San Antonio

Hole in the wall mexican, Oasis, Mexican Manhatten, both downtown, and Cascabel Mexican Patio, Southtown on saint mary's. Best dessert in town is at Bin 555 on Bitters about 10 minutes north of downtown. The Blue Cheese Cheesecake with sour cherries is heaven. For pricey places look at Le Reve, or Bohannan's.

Apr 04, 2009
wendileigh in Texas

Lunches in San Antonio.

Right by Rosario's on St. Mary's is an awesome little place called Cascabel Mexican Patio. I loved their conchinita pibil! Best I've ever had.

Mar 05, 2009
wendileigh in Texas

san antonio soul food ( best ) Tonya's

Have you been to Mr. and Mrs. G's on W. W. White. I love that place and think it's the best around, but I haven't tried Tonya's yet.

Feb 25, 2009
wendileigh in Texas

good eats in Sugarland/Missouri City Area

I will be moving to the area in April and I am looking for the best places in the area. Anything from dives and greasy spoons to fine dining. I just like good food. I am coming from San Antonio so if there is a good place with homemade flour tortillas I would be happy to know that also. Thanks.

Feb 25, 2009
wendileigh in Houston

San Antonio Desserts

I love desserts and my all time san antonio favorite is at Bin 555. It's north of town off bitters road. They have a blue cheese cheesecake with sour cherry sauce, that is out of control. My friend had their chocolate cake with chile and sea salt and couldn't stop raving about it. If you love dessert Bin 555 is a definate stop. I would get dinner too. Ask them to make the kobe beef pizza ( it's not always on the menu) it is crazy good too.

Aug 06, 2008
wendileigh in Texas

Our First Visit to San Antonio -- Your Dining Recs.

If you are looking for breakfast tacos go to Taco Taco Cafe on hildebrand at McCullough just north of downtown. It is great and a fun divey kinda of atmosphere. It's not the best best in town but it is the best and easiest for tourists I think. I take people there all the time and they rave about it.

Dec 29, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

Good bakery/pastry shop in San Antonio?

I don't know how their regular cakes are but I love the coffe cakes/pies from Nadler's on Blanco just south of 1604. The orginal Nadler's is on babcock just north of 410. The cake I had was called german coffee cake I think but it was really just a awesome apple pie/cake with rasins and cinnamon. It had a lattice top and tasted like a dense pie with out the tin, so the crust was a little thicker. I've heard mixed reveiws about their other stuff and the petit fors are not very good but this cake would be great for christmas.

Dec 13, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

Best Barbecue Only You Know About...

There is a Cooper's in Mason north of Fredricksberg. I don't know if it is the same as the one in llano but it is good. You wait outside at the pit to make your order. The guy opens the giant grill and you pick out your meat, they also have cabrito. Then he goes in the room, cuts the meat and weighs it. You pay inside where he cuts the meat and the room is the size of a medium sized walk-in closet. They have a couple tables outside and might have some inside seating but I didn't see it. It was good but the exprience was fun. I think the pork and the chicken are supposed to be good. I had brisket that was good the sauce was interesting.
I like The Smokehouse in San Antonio for a decent place without driving to lulling. Their brisket sandwich is good but not awesome. It's not really a dive, but it looks like a dive that grew a bit. It is across from Ruben's Tamales on Rigsby.

Nov 17, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

Thanksgiving in Huntsville, AL

I am looking for a good place to have Turkey day dinner in Huntsville. I want good food and a nice place eat. We'll have at least 6 people. I am trying to pick a place, whiler in Texas and only having been around Huntsville a couple tmes. Please help.

Best of San Antonio in a 3 day visit

Taco taco is great the mix there is fun and there is always a cop or firefighter hanging out eating in the morning. Everybody I see there is a local and the food is awesome. There are maybe some more traditional tex-mex dives on the south and west sides but unless you know the food is great you can be in for a real disappointment. Taco taco is a dive and is not touristy, it's small and looks like it could have been an old gas station. There is a small bar with three stools where you can watch the ladies make the tortillas, and a handful of tables. In the morning there is usually a line out the door waiting for takeout tacos. I was there a few weeks after the food network came and they still had a sign up welcoming them and decorations. It made me laugh.

Oct 14, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

New to NE San Antonio

Thai Bangkok is the best Thai in town. It is awesome and very close on pat booker and 1604. Their spring rolls and noodle dishes are great. I love the soups for lunch on tuesday and friday.

Oct 13, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

Best of San Antonio in a 3 day visit

Got to Luling to get BBQ. The place is called Luling City Market and the brisket there is heaven, I think better than any in Lockhart and it is only 15 minutes from there. Just take I-10 East to the Luling exit and it's right downtown. Also go to Taco Taco on Hildebrand and McCullough in SA for awesome breakfast tacos and texmex dive breakfast and lunch. It's a great dive and the food is yum yum yum.

Oct 11, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

[SAT] Lulu's Jailhouse Cafe

As far as comfort food goes, Mr. and Mrs. G's is the only place to go. I don't know if they have CFS but everything else is amazing. It's a bit of a hole in the wall but so yummy. I go at least once a month and would go more but it's like eating Thanksgiving day dinner each time I go. I have heard the CFS at DeWiese's Tip Top cafe is good and I have had their other food and it was good.

Sep 19, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

Real farmers market in San Antonio?

There is not much in SA and it is frustrating. The best one I found is one jackson keller between mcCullough and San Pedro just north of basse road. Just vegtable there though and sometimes flowers.

Sep 16, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

North San Antonio. . .

You have to go to Bangkok Cusine on Pat Booker and 1604. The best thai food in town and just yummy. They have great lunch specials with free soup, Tuesday and friday are the best soup days. They have a clam chowder on tuesday and a potato soup on friday, they sound weird to have at a thai place but they are awesome, they both really taste like great, smooth potato soup. I love the soup here it is some of the best in town, their wonton soup is really good too. My favorite dish is phat woo sen, it's not a lunch special but it's enough food for two meals. They make most things mild unless specified but when you ask for spice they know how to make it hot, just tell them. Yum yum yum.

Sep 10, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

[SAT] Good, Quick Lunch Around Fredericksburg & Callaghan

If you are going to Pam's get any of the desserts as they are all amazing. I love the german chocolate cake. I love to get their salads, the asian chicken or the thai beef, and then load up on fresh bread and their homemade strawberry lemonade. Every once and a while they do a mean Tom Kai Gai soup, I get it when its on the menu.

Aug 24, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

Dinner in San Antonio

I love Taco Taco, go and get a breakfast taco. I love the taco a la mexicano, suateed eggs with onions, tomato, and peppers. Thje place is a must visit for san antonio and it closes at 2pm. If downtown I'd go to Rosarios in King william.

Aug 22, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

[SA] Good Time Charlie's

Try Mr. and Mrs. G's if you want comfort food. Awesome, the best fried chicken. I love the yams and black eyed peas. Also order a dessert to take home, you won't be able to eat it after lunch.

Aug 19, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

Houston + San Antonio on the cheap for NYC gal

On the NE side of San Antonio you should try Bangkok Cusine at Pat Booker and 1604. THe best Thai food in town. The spring rolls kick butt. The lunch specials during the week are good and the soups are very yummy.

Aug 17, 2007
wendileigh in Texas

Coming to Atlanta for a conference

I went to Ecco which is in midtown and it was AMAZING! The desserts, an olive oil cake with citrus marmalade and rosemary ice cream, and a burnt honey and gorgonzola ice dream, were phenominal. Its rustic homestyle italian and the prices aren't bad for the food. I think the food is almost worth a trip to Atlanta and I live in Texas.

[SAT] Best Burgers?

I love the Lord's Kitchen. Amazing homemade burgers. A must eat place.

Jul 31, 2007
wendileigh in Texas