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Cheapest edible sushi in the area?

Wheeee, can't beat that price!

Cheapest edible sushi in the area?

The title says it all. Suggestions?

Looking for awesome brunch.

I'm on the hunt for a great breakfast or brunch place. One that serves many kinds of pancakes, waffles, and omelettes, good coffee, preferably with real maple syrup as an option. This is one thing we have not found since moving down here from Boston (compare: Johnny D's, Zaftig's, etc.). Need not be fancy at all - looking for something cheaper and more spontaneous than Georgia Brown's.

Capitol Hill would be perfect, but willing to go anywhere Metro accessible.

Beef jerky and fondant

I'm looking for "real" beef jerky in the DC area. I could mail-order it from Robertson's in Oklahoma, but the shipping adds up. Also looking for a place to buy white or pre-colored fondant. Outside of the District is fine but must be Metro accessible. Thanks!