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Dinner: one night in March. Any advice?

Overnight layover from Caribbean in late March. Staying in downtown Miami. I hear we may be inundated with spring breakers. My lady and I are, sadly, no longer 21.

She's suggested Ola for our post-flight repast. I could def. go for foie gras empanadas and ceviche. But do you have any other can't miss out suggestions for us to consider?

Friday lunch, best rec?

Looking for a rec for an interesting lunch on a Friday (a few weekends *after* Mardi Gras) for approx. six. Fri. eve's dinner will be at Galatoire's. We've done Commander's in the past, and it was well received. Any other thoughts? I seem to recall August, Luke or one of the Besh restaurants had a good lunch. Still the case?

Staying in the Quarter, but that need not dictate us as we're all be collecting ourselves from MSY.

Due to party size, a place that takes reservations may be advantageous. Thanks in advance, 'hounds.

Jan 15, 2013
dirty_mick in New Orleans

Stag party input

About eight thirty-somethings converging on New Orleans for a stag/bachelor weekend. Doing at least one nice dinner. We were all last in NoLa for my brother's bach party, and hit Commander's Palace, to great fanfare. I'd like not to repeat. I hear Galatoire's can accommodate a slightly rowdy bunch, but this list seems to lean that it may be past its prime in its fifteenth decade. I, however, have read up on Brigtsen's and am intrigued.

We dug the lunch vibe at Delchaise when last we were there. I'd like to also hit Cochon. We're more of a Frenchman's Street crowd than Bourbon Street at this point in our dotage. Cure and some of the other cocktail bars plan to be in the rotation.

So what insight, alternatives, and such do you wise folk have?

And any cool accommodations any of you would recommend? We rented out the Dive Inn last time and it was a riot. We'll be there in February, two weeks after Mardi Gras concludes. Thanks in advance.

Dec 11, 2012
dirty_mick in New Orleans

Light dinner in Kansas City area? (non-BBQ, unfortunately)

Thanks to you both. "Edgy" is more than ok as long as the food backs it up. Our local neighborhood is comparable in some ways to Hyde Park, so "adventurous" is no problem whatsoever.

Will likely hit Extra Virgin. Thanks!

Oct 31, 2012
dirty_mick in Great Plains

Light dinner in Kansas City area? (non-BBQ, unfortunately)

Suggestions for an interesting dining experience in the KC metro area. My wife and I are headed to Lenexa from St. Louis, and would like to have a nice dinner there. I have looked at the menus for Julian, Bluestem, and Extra Virgin. They all look pretty interesting. Preference? Am I overlooking something new? (And I have Justus on my "to-do" list, but the logistics make that a non-starter for me.) The wife doesn't dig on the smoked meats . . . or I'd be elbow deep in BBQ. Thanks in advance.

Oct 29, 2012
dirty_mick in Great Plains