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Vietnamese Fried Chicken and Waffles

I love fried chicken and waffles and lately have been thinking about doing a twist on this that incorporates flavors from my own culture. I’m going for flavors that balance well together and integrates the 5 different tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami).

There are 3 components to this dish: fried chicken, waffle, and slaw.

Fried Chicken

For the chicken, I want to recreate something similar to Korean fried chicken (thin, crispy crust, tossed with a sauce), but have Vietnamese flavors like lemongrass and fish sauce. Wondering if I should infuse the lemongrass flavor in the marinade, the crust coating, or in the sauce.


If you’ve had pandan waffles before, you can see how this is the most obvious choice of flavors for the waffle component. This waffle also has coconut milk and I think those two ingredients pair well with the lemongrass in the chicken. I’ve tried my hand at making these waffles before but haven’t found a recipe I like, particularly one that had a strong pandan flavor or right amount of crispiness.

Still trying to think of something in place of traditional syrup, as the waffles will already have a fair amount of sweetness.


For the slaw, I was thinking a green papaya salad. The unripe papaya provides a nice tanginess that will help cut the richness of the dish.

Would welcome any thoughts or suggestions. If anyone wants to collaborate on this, let me know

Aug 31, 2015
bayarea_longhorn in Home Cooking

Reheating Fried Polenta

I doing a braised short ribs over fried polenta for a dinner party and trying to prepare things ahead in order to bring over to a friend's house. Wondering if I fry the polenta a couple hours ahead of time and reheat whether it will taste good. Anyone have experience with this?

Dec 10, 2014
bayarea_longhorn in Home Cooking

Bored Palette! Need new recipe ideas.

Thanks everyone for the replies! Sorry if anyone thought I was giving up on some lifelong dream of becoming an artist, I meant palate not palette.

There were some wonderful suggestions. The combined ideas of checking out cookbooks from the library and cross-referencing agains COTM threads is brilliant. When I step back and think about my problem though, it isn't just finding things that are different but that are also good (or at least good to me). Having limited time and money makes experimenting a lot more daunting.

This reminds me of what Chris Anderson talks about in his book The Long Tail and I think the phenomena applies to the food world. The theory describes how culture and markets are moving away from the small number of "hits" (things that are mainstream) towards the larger number of niches in the long tail. The food world is a lot like this where things like hamburgers and enchiladas appeal to the mainstream whereas things like Larb and Shakshuka appeal to a smaller segment (at least from a US-centric view).

In this age of internet technology and social media, I wish there was a better way to help people find the good stuff in the "long tail" of food. I know forums like Chowhound are great but not exactly the most efficient. Blogs are great but there are so many of them (not all are great).

Oh well, to the library!

Jun 10, 2014
bayarea_longhorn in Home Cooking

Bored Palette! Need new recipe ideas.

HAHAHA! Well played...well played. I didn't notice my slightly embarrassing mistake until I saw the first email notification of a reply for this thread.

Thanks for the larb recommendation. I've had this somewhere before and remember it being tasty but never made it before.

Jun 10, 2014
bayarea_longhorn in Home Cooking

Bored Palette! Need new recipe ideas.

First, I have to start off by saying that this truly a first world problem and I am very grateful for all the food that we're able to eat. Having said that, my dilemma these days is feeling like I'm cooking the same things over and over again, and even when there's some variation it's basically the same flavor profile. When I go online to find inspiration it seems I come across more of the same ole. It's tedious to wade through all of the same stuff on sites like Tastespotting to find those few dishes that stand out from the rest. Recipe sites like Epicurious or even Google show mostly popular dishes at the top of the search results.

I have to think, given how vast and diverse the food world is, that there are a large number of dishes out there I haven't tried. Just thinking about all the possible combinations of ingredients and cooking techniques! Lately, I've started doing more ethnic cooking but finding recipes beyond those top 5-10 popular dishes for each ethnicity is hard (at least finding good ones is hard). There's got to be more to Chinese cuisine than stir fries or more to Mexican food than tacos and enchiladas.

So I'm asking fellow Chowhounders for recipes that they think 80% of the cooking population haven't tried. These would be recipes for weeknight dinners that can be prepared in about an hour or so. They would have to be online recipes as we don't have the budget to buy anymore cookbooks. My wife and I are pretty decent cooks and since we live in a major city we have access to a variety of ethnic grocery stores. Thanks in advance!

Jun 08, 2014
bayarea_longhorn in Home Cooking

kale salad recipe

This also made me think of Mexican flavors. There's a dressing that I like on a green bean corn salad. Basically, garlic, shallots, cilantro, jalapeño, avocado, olive oil, cider vinegar and blend everything together. You end up with a creamy dressing that has tons of flavor.

May 20, 2014
bayarea_longhorn in Home Cooking

Where can I find local, natural beef in the South Bay?

Thanks for the replies.

I actually meant to ask about other places then Wholefoods. I think their beef is a bit too pricey and inconsistent in terms of quality.

Found this place on yelp, that has a type of beef called piedmontese....sounds interesting.

Speaking of CSA's, I saw this one but not looking to buy that much beef and would prefer it not frozen.

Where can I find local, natural beef in the South Bay?

Where can I find local, natural beef in the South Bay?

Tandoori Skewers

i've seen some guys on the internet rig up a kamado grill to do tandoor. not sure how it compares to the real thing, but i'll give it a try.

Tandoori Skewers

Thanks! Didn't even occur to me to look there. There are a couple I know of in the south bay. Will check them out.

Have you had any experience doing these at home?

Tandoori Skewers

Anyone know where I can buy tandoori skewers in the South Bay? Just got a kamado grill and want experiment with tandoori.

Food Blogger Rant

HillJ - is this report published somewhere? I'd love to read it.