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Family friendly restaurants in Tokyo

Most restaurants only allow kids above 10 years of age. It's probably much easier looking for a baby-sitter, although that's half the fun gone with the kids missing out on the fine dining experience.
Thank you all for your advice!

Nov 07, 2012
travellingday in Japan

Family friendly restaurants in Tokyo

Thank you for your recommendations!

Nov 06, 2012
travellingday in Japan

Family friendly restaurants in Tokyo

Hi all

We are bringing our kids aged 3 and 7 to Tokyo this December and will be staying in Ginza and Shinjuku.

I've realised many restaurants do not allow children or do not have a children's menu.

Does anyone have any recommendations for michelin-starred or equivalent restaurants that are family friendly and/or offer a children's menu/a la carte orders (more so for the 3-year-old). Children have not acquired the taste of sashimi or anything raw for that matter. We are big fans of wagyu.

I'm open to any restaurants falling in the following categories:
1. Japanese
2. Sushi
2. Tempura (i'm calling Kondo / Yokota to check tomorrow)
3. Italian

For casual meals I've shortlisted the following joints:
1. Jojoen - yakiniku
2. Seryna - sukiyaki
3. Maisen / Tonki - Tonkatsu
4.Kyorakutei - Soba
5. Uoshin - izakaya
6. Birdland - Yakitori (any other recommendations near Ginza/Shinjuku?)

I'm glad I've gotten my booking at Aronia when we get a night out without the kids so at least we pack in one good meal!

Thanks in advance. Any advice is much appreciated.


Nov 03, 2012
travellingday in Japan