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Fratelli Village Pizzeria - Any post-fire update?

Talked to a friend who always seems to know what is going on....The target reopening has been set for February 2013. Sounds like they have been having headaches with electrical (cause of the fire), the owner of the plaza, the roof and dealing with the city. So that is why they are taking longer than anticipated. Hopefully Feb is true, or there abouts since you never know with renos.

Italian restaurant in Scarborough/Markham area?

I know this is old but just has to replay...incase Fratelli's ever reopens. One time my hubby and I were going out and the wait was long as usual. They asked us if we lived close by and we said yes so they told us we could just go home and would call us when our table was ready. I think it was cold too so it was wonderful to just chill at home and wait for our table. Hope they reopen soon....I want my Victorian Pizza darn it.

Fratelli Village Pizzeria - Any post-fire update?

Last I heard they were opening in it's the end of October and I haven't heard anything. I practically live behind them and sure miss that place. Rumor has it the owners wouldn't mind having a bigger place but would love to stay in the area because they have many regulars from Highland Creek. The spot at the opposite end of that plaza just vacated....I wonder if maybe they'll move over??? Maybe I should ask all my Italian friends if they have heard anything.

Turkish pizza in the east end - some new players

The only Turkish pizza I've ever had was at Mr. Pride (once) and I have been craving it ever since. We live close to Pickering so going to the Danforth feels far. Our Turkish friends took us there and they say they get it at least once a week. I just saw an ad for Shirin Kebab and I am curious if their Pride is worth of a stop and taste.