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Caiola's alert

Bummer- sounds like you caught them on an off night...

Your tried and true Cook's illustrated Best recipes.

I say you can not go wrong with the recipe for thier flakiest ever pie crust, which comes together with vodka, not water...It does indeed make the flakiest, most managable, no brainer pie crust ever...

Sep 03, 2010
Bunnyfood in Home Cooking

best breakfast in north conway on a sunday? & north conway to portland, ME; what's good?

Is there any other way than 302 and 16?

best breakfast in north conway on a sunday? & north conway to portland, ME; what's good?

Very helpful- was wondering about both Peaches and Priscilla's for a pre-hike breakfast this weekend...but I'm doing the reverse trip- Portland to North Conway....

As far as quirk places for easy eats? In Portland: Silly's on Washington Ave, Beal's for ice cream in the Old Port or Bonobo in the West End for pizza...more pub? Can't miss Novare Res on Exchange St. with it 's extensive beer list and great location(outside seating)...and it's right around the corner from Beal's should you decide to go for the liquid/frozen confection style dinner...enjoy!

Old Port Cafe
111 Main St, Winterport, ME 04496

GREAT breakfast for a GREAT hike

Thank you both- Stone Dog and Chute's(house made english muffins?? Yes please!) I know well. While the Stone Dog is great, their service, even for a cafe/break/luch spot leaves something to be deisred.
Any NH spots? Does North Conway offer anything special(definetly planning a stop at Moat Mt Smokehouse for beers on the return...)?

GREAT breakfast for a GREAT hike

If you were me and you were driving ME Rt 302 to NH Rt 16 from Portland, ME to Mt Washington, and you wanted a GREAT breakfast- where would you go and why???? ( And I mean GREAT-I'll be eating nuts and berries for days as I hike to the top of the mountain!) .

Thanks for your input!

Really Great Granolas?

Worth looking at mail ordering Big Sky bakeries granola(Portland, ME)- totally delicious, best I've had in the vein of "traditional" granola- grains, nuts, lightly sweetened...they mail out after they make it on Thursdays...gave as gifts last year. Both crunchy and chewy, nice rich buttery flavor, big clumps. It keeps really well and is as good out of hand and as it is as a breakfast cereal with milk, yogurt, fruit...

Nov 06, 2009
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One dinner in Portland, ME: Bresca vs. Street & Co?

My two cents is this-both are excellent. Both are well within your guidelines. Street & Co. never disappoints with the food- and as a party of two, you won't feel too cramped.Also, Portland is not big, but Street & Co is in the mix of the night life- that could be an added bonus...or detractor. Bresca is exciting and locally can't go wrong! If you consider Caiola's, read up on the chef- she used to run the show at Street & Co. They do brunch too, if Duckfat for lunch doesn't work out...Going to have to say pass over Back Bay can get that anywhere...

Favorite Vermont Cheese

Going to have to go with Vermont Shepard. Just plain liked cheese until I tried it- it was the beginning of a cheese epiphany...and spawned many a vaction focused on visiting dairies and cheese shops...

Portland in the NY Times

Aren't we luck to live here???

Although I am drinking CBD right now(right down the street from my office), I wish Arabica had taken the coffee nudge...Both for Doug's toast and best espresso(beats CBD by a landslide...).

Bacon Toffee!

Calling out sick to go home and make this...

Aug 26, 2009
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Candybar Themed Meal main course suggestions

What about doing
a beef short rib or duck with a a cherry/blueberry chocolate sauce/rub for cherry cordials?

or a mole with some flavors like you might have in a Chunky bar(raisins, nuts, chocolate)?

or a piece of fish en en papillote, using shiny foil instead, just like a hersey's bar?

or what about Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Jordan almond squab(see Mark Bittman's book or PBS series)?
Not all are candy bars per se, but a good start? Maybe..good luck!

Aug 12, 2009
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Food that Most People Love and You Don't...

YOGURT(sp?). Yuck, hate it. Bad smell, bad texture, just plain bad! Of course, my favorite scones from ym favorite bakery use yogurt in thier rec- but I WILL NOT be seen tucking into a large(or small) serving of this yucky dairy product...

Also- sour cream, bleu cheese dressing, ranch dressing(ok, yes, dressings and dips in general).

Jun 06, 2009
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Oh Bingas, tomo can not come soon enough...

I don't know about you, but I have been eagerly anticipating the reopening of Bingas Wingas. Yes it's just chicken wings, but nobody in Greater Portland does them better! Who needs the breading and corn syrupy sauces? Bring on the wet naked and a local beer!(stomach grumbles).

Me and my fellow heat loving freaks will be storming the old Bill's Pizza on Rte 1 tomo- who's with me?

What are you a stubborn purist about?

Oh so true...Coffee shops that "get it" are one in a million...Here is Portland, there are plenty of coffee shops, but only 1 to my mind does it right...The rest pull those shots that that have no crema, are bitter and unpalateable..the kind no flavor shot can overcome...

Apr 23, 2009
Bunnyfood in General Topics

What are you a stubborn purist about?

Thanks cgfan- was referring to the additional hot H20 added to make an Americano.

Which reminds me....Let's add French baguette to this list as well! I can not abide the inspid, dense, flavorless walking sticks some bakeries and grocery stores call baguette. To me, a bag is , flour, yeast, salt. Maybe a light egg wash...

Apr 23, 2009
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What are you a stubborn purist about?

ESPRESSO. OMG- espresso does not have any of the following:
flavor shots;
whipped cream;
caramel sauce;
WATER- that my friend is an Americano

While those things are nice, they are not condiments for the most perfect couple of ozs of caffeine nectar. Espresso is made from select beans, roasted to a specific roast and "brewed" via pressurized steam. No other "espresso" making methods need apply...

Iced espresso drink are made of espresso, iced, not brewed espresso beans or cold filter brewed coffee. And while we're on the topic- what is flavored coffee? Isn't it already flavored TO TASTE LIKE COFFEE? You no like? Drink tea...or a milkshake, which is what most espresso drinks are today anyways...

Thanks for letting me let loose on that one...feeling much better...good enough to get out and go to the coffee shop for an espresso...

Apr 21, 2009
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Celebration Lunch in Portland, ME

What about Local 188? Good food, good atmo, good prices. Across the bridge in So Portland (5-10 m)is Saltwater Grille, which is great for cocktails, sits right on the bay overlooking the harbor, has deck. Won't have to deal with the parking issues in Portland during graduation...Saltwater food? Good for a varied crowd, but no stand outs... Also thought of taking the ferry over to Peaks for lunch at the Inn...If you want to go real casual, then there is always BBQ- Norms or Beale St...Good luck!

Before it's over...your input on great spots for ME Rest Week

I gave up car this past summer, otherwise RMH would have been on my list!

555 last night- excellent food and service(although the waitstaff seemed to be under the influence of sedatives, they were attentive if not was fairly busy though.) Really went out of their way to accomodate a "change" to our reservation(someone in my party needed to elevate their bum knee for the whole meal, which required a lgr table...the staff didn't even blink an eye!). Wish they had been in the $30.09 range, but the scallops were great...

Before it's over...your input on great spots for ME Rest Week

Good call on Street & Co...

Also curious- were the dishes advertised the same way they were served- i.e same prep as on the menu/rest weeek website???

Before it's over...your input on great spots for ME Rest Week

So I've loved Cinque Terre, and am looking forward to a dinner at 555 later this week...Heard great things about Back Bay Grill and Vignolia's as well...So time for your 2 cents!

Where have you been?
Favorite dish there?
Did you think the meal was a good deal? (i.e- great saving as compared to std menu, addt'l courses, etc)
Any place you wish was partcipating but is not?

Love hear what the experience of other was! Please share!

ME Restaurant Week: Vignola was great

Going to CInque Terre tomo- thanks for the advice!

What else has been great and where else should we go??? What places are a good deal???? Some seem like steals...Anyone else eating out this week?

Top Chef Finale Pt. 2(spoilers)

Either way, I thought it was hilarious- Stefan's gotten away with alot this season, including his *cock* comment from Blue Hill episode- LOVE IT(and agree a little bit- talented, yes, but that hair and tude...oh boy!)

Feb 26, 2009
Bunnyfood in Food Media & News

Need some recipe suggestions--sea scallop pairing

Mushroom tartlets or beet gnocchi with lemon brown butter- I'm sure both would be excellent with scallops...Did the tartlets last year for my beloved- best made a day ahead so the flavors meld. Also with the pasta- you could prep ahead and then cook the day of...I get you though- the food has to be great, but you want to spend time together as well!

Feb 11, 2009
Bunnyfood in Home Cooking

Top Chef - who will pack thier knives tonight????

I going with one of the ladies...Love in the food and off the set can only get you so far...

Feb 11, 2009
Bunnyfood in Food Media & News

desserts a lot of people do not like but you do?

Maple dumplings- but I have to say, they are not for the faint of heart...they are a sugar overload and I can only indulge once a year.. However, they are fab! Prob a New England thing...

Feb 11, 2009
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The Art of Eating, Fine Cooking or Saveur

Fine Cooking is alright- fewand far between are the article recipes that shakes it up for me...Had a sub for a year, discontinued when they had 4 recipes for mac and cheese in that time...

Saveur- I have had a subscription for years and I reference them often. Covers travel, recipes, restaurants and ingreds.

The Art of Eating is a quarterly and full of essays, so that is kind of a deal breaker for me...essays not articles..

None are really all about mol gast- how about a book? Maybe someone else knows of a good periodical?

Feb 11, 2009
Bunnyfood in Food Media & News

"Dirty" recipes that are crowd pleasers

I think this cake also goes by POKE cake because you bake and then poke holes throught the top for the jello to soak in through...

Feb 09, 2009
Bunnyfood in Home Cooking

Your REAL thoughts on super-processed, horribly delicious food...

I am going to have to admit there is a place in my heart for:
japaleno cheese poppers- the ones filled with the mysterious orange goo, not the ones with cream cheese...I wuld never order them out, but they are just great crispy from the oven...
Yup, the truth...

Feb 09, 2009
Bunnyfood in General Topics

Plate Presentation

"If it's not edible, what's it doing on that plate" is my motto- expections made for shells(with shellfish inside) and aromatics that CONTRIBUTE to your enjoyment of the dish. I can see that someone was reaching for something here, but it's unclear what that something is...

Feb 07, 2009
Bunnyfood in Not About Food