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Help, I'm in a jam.

Does anyone out there have a good recipe for strawberry rhubarb jam? I attempted this weekend, but I think I either overcooked the mix, or used to much sugar (or both) as it is overly sweet and I think a lot of the rhubarb's tartness was lost. Here's what I did...

2 cups chopped rhubarb
4 cups strawberries
3 cups sugar
approx. 1/4 cup lemon juice

I let the sugar dissolve in the lemon juice over medium high heat, then added the rhubarb. 5 minutes later, I added the strawberries and cooked the whole mixture for approx. 25 minutes. The jam looked beautiful and had a lovely consistency. I tasted a jar today and I was dissappointed because it was just too sweet without that hint of tartness. It was just too much and I lost the essence of the fruit. Any suggestions?

Jun 09, 2008
chadley in Home Cooking

Perfect Margarita

The Perfect Margarita is whatever works for you. Here's what works for me.

3 parts Don Julio Reposado or Herradura or Milagro, etc...
2 parts fresh lime juice
1 part simple syrup. One could even infuse the simple syrup with citrus.
Just a splash of Cointreu.
-Shake the hell out of that and pour over crushed ice.

Yes, a bit of salt on the rim, but not too much.

Jun 09, 2008
chadley in Recipes

Kitchen 24 ?

We went there Sunday morning after having read about it on Daily Candy. I checked out their extensive menu online and was even more excited to check it out. However, that is where my excitement ended....

We were seated right away by a very friendly hostess. Once seated we began flipping through the menu and noticed that certain items appeared to be "banned" from the menu, having been covered up with little white stickers. It wasn't just a few items, rather a large portion of their menu was simply unavailable. Hmm, why? Well, apparently the kitchen was too busy and they simply could not prepare those items, which was a bummer to hear, but understandable given they've just been open two days.

Our server took our order and then the waiting game began. In the 30 minutes we waited to get food, we had a chance to observe a couple things. We noticed there were a slew of managers and owners sitting throughout the restaurant, eating. In the 30 minutes not one plate of food left the kitchen unless it went to a manager or owner. There were several tables that were just waiting, and waiting, and waiting for their food. The owners and management seemed to be so out of touch and didn't seem to care at all about: their overwhelmed staff, their way-too-long ticket times, their growing number of unhappy customers, etc... Not ONE of them even looked around to see what was going on and everyone in there was waiting on their food, except them. If the owners are eating before the customers, then something is terribly, terribly wrong. If the management is so unaware of their surroundings it tells me that they don't care, which makes me not want to ever return.

After the 30 minutes had passed, we were told that they actually didn't have something we had ordered. Really? Couldn't that have been worked out when we placed the order? Guess not. Okay, so the food ends up coming out and it was actually good. That's the one thing they have going for them. Otherwise, they're a bumbling mess of a restaurant that needs some TLC and some hard work to work out the basic restaurant do's and don'ts. The kinks will have to be worked out after they figure out how to actually run a restaurant.

Jun 02, 2008
chadley in Los Angeles Area

Thanksgiving themed amuse bouche

Thank you, these are all great ideas. Keep 'em coming!

Nov 06, 2007
chadley in Home Cooking

Thanksgiving themed amuse bouche

Absolutely, savory as well. A mix of the two would be divine. I was thinking of pumpkin pie when I typed it and got lost in a fantasy of eating it, so savory was left out. :-)

Nov 06, 2007
chadley in Home Cooking

Thanksgiving themed amuse bouche

I want to serve an amuse bouche at my Thanksgiving dinner and wanted to incorporate all or some of the "standard" flavors of thanksgiving, such as cinnamon, allspice, pumpkin, apple, etc... Any recommendations out there for something amazing?

Nov 06, 2007
chadley in Home Cooking