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Kenmore Stand Mixer vs Kitchenaid/Cuisinart

I did a quick research, because I am also shopping for a good deal on my FIRST (and only?) Kitchenaid stand mixer, and it does NOT look like the Cuisinart has the pasta ROLLER attachment. That's a big deal for me, so that would be a deal breaker for the Cuisinart. Does anyone know anything different? It's too bad the attachments aren't interchangeable ;) lol

Nov 13, 2012
firecracker4579 in Cookware

In search of authentic pierogi recipe

Thanks everyone. For those who've posted re buying them, I appreciate your reply but want to make them myself... For those of you that replied with true advice, I will certainly check them all out!!! Thanks again :)

Nov 11, 2012
firecracker4579 in Home Cooking

In search of authentic pierogi recipe

Hi all. I've done a little research and found that authentic pierogi dough contains no eggs, but I'm trying to find a recipe that is tried and true (message board, forum, Pinterest, etc.) with no luck. I've never made them myself, but consider myself a true Polock so I want to do them right :) Can anyone help?


Nov 01, 2012
firecracker4579 in Home Cooking