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small wedding reception? (moco/pg county)

hi all,

i asked this question a few months ago but most of the suggestions were out of our price range. we are looking for a venue for a small wedding reception (about 15-20 people). we are particularly looking in the college park/silver spring/bethesda areas but are open to other areas as well. also, my future mother-in-law is quite a picky eater and we would prefer simple, american cuisine.

any suggestions are much appreciated.

nice restaurant for post-wedding meal (DC or Maryland suburbs)

thanks for all the suggestions, we'll definitely be checking into many of these.

nice restaurant for post-wedding meal (DC or Maryland suburbs)

thanks for the reply. the most likely number is 13, one of those being an infant who won't be eating, one toddler, and two teenagers. the other 9 are adults. Definitely don't need a private room, all seated at one table would be ideal, but seated in proximity to one other would be OK too.

We aren't 100% sure on the time of the week or day yet. Most likely will be a weekend dinner though.

nice restaurant for post-wedding meal (DC or Maryland suburbs)

My fiance and I are having a VERY small wedding ceremony (10-15 guests) and my wonderful mom has offered to take everyone out for a nice meal afterwards. Money isn't an issue at this point - we'll worry about that when narrowing down our options. We're looking for something in DC or the Maryland suburbs. Also, my fiance's mom isn't very adventurous when it comes to food, so we'd like to stick to Americanish cuisine.

Finally, stupid question, but we'd probably want to bring a cake, do restaurants allow that?