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Any recent reviews of corsair?

I did a miami spice lunch there and wouldn't rush back to eat there.My appetizer was fried eggplant which I felt was too heavily breaded.I had raviolinis afterward,about 16 postage stamp sized raviolis that were tasty but gone in 4 bites.Dessert was good.Since you are in aventura,you might want to try il mulino.I ate lunch at their south beach location and if menu is the same I would choose the meatball and ricotta app,veal Marsala main,and cheesecake(very slim piece offered).veal marsala was outstanding.

Please recommend a hotel in Paris

About 7 years ago I stayed at Marriott rive gauche ',about 5 metro stops from Eiffel tower for only 80 euros a night doing Priceline blind bid.Dont know if hotel is still run by marriott(previously was a Sofitel I think).go online at marriott's website,check the price,then do Priceline blind bid( no guarantee you will win this hotel) but businessman hotels are generally lower priced on weekends.When I won the Priceline blind bid i called the hotel directly to confirm the reservation,and requested a room higher up that faced the basilica sacre couer which they honored.Hotel is 30 yards from metro stop which was very helpful carrying luggage.

Aug 13, 2015
travlnmike in France

2015 Miami Spice

How about any dish with roast chicken,chilean salmon,or churrasco can be sold for no more than $5.That will get the restaurants that ponied upwards of $1500 to belong to miami spice to return to the original ideal of miami spice!

2015 Miami Spice

I will not participate in miami spice until they change their format to giving a 20 percent discount off the restaurant's regular menu instead of fobbing off early bird food selections like roast chicken,Chilean salmon,skirt steak.How many chowhounders feel the same way?

What is your favorite sat lunch spot you would recommend?

Where would you recommend I take my sister for lunch on a Saturday.?I get up to philly once a year at the end of August.Previously have taken her to lacroix,Sabrina's cafe,sbraga's,Han dynasty,kanella,uzbeckistan,syrenka's cafe.Money is no object.

Apr 30, 2015
travlnmike in Philadelphia

Lunch in Miami

Eat lunch at keys fisheries in marathon,which is joes stonecrab restaurants source of stonecrabs.They have a liquor license.If you don't care for crabs,try a lobster Reuben sandwich or hogfish snapper sandwich

Lunch now, not dinner...

Suggestions for a Saturday lunch in August?i've taken my sister to Han dynasty,kanella,Sabrina's,syrenka's cafe,Lacroix,uzbeckistan.Seeking a new place that I should treat her to.Money is no object.I only get up to philly once a year for a few days.

Apr 21, 2015
travlnmike in Philadelphia

Syrenka diner for polish food sat lunch-does anyone recommend it?are there any alternatives

I only make it up to philly once a year from miami and i like to take my sister out to a new place we haven't been to lunch on a saturday.Haven't been to syrenka's restaurant in port richmond or to czerw's polish keibasa,and i miss polish food.Does czerw's have sit down eating available on site,or is it just a take away butcher site?Is there any restaurant nearby that serves thleir products?I read about syrenka's restaurant nearby.Does anyone reommend it?Which peirogies there do you thnk are best?What are the best dishes there?Which sausages at czerw's are best?Will syrenka's be packed at noontime sat?Do they take reservations?Is parking difficult near both establishments?At the moment ,i am planning on maximizing my polish experience in phily by buying sausages and pierogies at czerw's ,then eating at syrenka's.Please feel free to tell me other places that serve polish food on sat .i will be in philly sat aug 16.Thank everyone in advance for their participation.

Aug 03, 2014
travlnmike in Philadelphia

Restaurant checking your belongings

The reason strollers are not allowed in is because if heaven forbid,there is a fire or natural calamity like when lightening struck the building and shorted out the lights,they could possibly obstruct people's prompt exit from the building if they were allowed to block the aisles.Believe it or not we get very few people coming in with backpacks to eat in our tuxedoed staff environment.Summertime season the staff is spared the tuxedoes worn during the seven month stonecrab season due to the humidity,even though the restaurant is air conditioned.My sister lives in Israel and i have had my backpack checked not only at a bar( mike's place in tel aviv which was coincidentally bombed by left luggage) but also even entering shopping malls.Who is to say the most popular restaurant in miami that is owned by a jewish family could not face actions by terrorists like what happened jo goldenberg's in paris?One must weigh security measures versus prople's feelings possibly being hurt.Trust me when i say we piss off ten times more people when we disallow their strollers than when we deny suitcases entry,or inspect the occassional backpack.i want to say that i am not authorized to speak for the restaurant,but that i just wanted the person with the backpack to know it wasn't because he was a foreigner.

Restaurant checking your belongings

Not only are backpacks checked,but luggage of those heading to the airport are not allowed to be next to tables of customers,nor are strollers allowed inside the restaurant.Those strollers are left near maitre d' stand.As the most famous restaurant in miami beach (and the oldest at 100 years old)joes can be a potential symbolic target due to its fame.Unfortunately these security measures are a sign of the times,as anyone in Boston can attest to.As a waiter there for 31 years i can assure you that it is the family's safety policy and that you were not profiled.The fact that other restaurants in miami do not institute these safety measures can attest to our unique position as the most famous restaurant who has its own set of safety measures to ensure the safety of its customers.We also pay for an off duty miami beach police officer to be on duty there every shift the restaurant is opened.Paranoia?You be the judge.

Oolite Restaurant - New from Kris Wessel - SoBe near Lincoln Road

I would call the restaurant and see if the bbq shrimp is included in their happy hour because those items on the "small bite" menu become half priced.This turns possibly 5 shrimp for $14 at lunch into possibly 2 orders at happy hour (10 shrimp) for $14.I believe happy hour is 3-6.Check it out.Food is good ,but pricy for the portioning.Happy hour brings it down to good value.

Miami Spice 2014 Edition

Can't wait for the usual roasted1/2chicken,churrasco,chilean salmon,and penne pasta choices that alot of restaurants fob off during miami spice.What a shame that what started out as a good idea with restaurants attempting to showcase innovative dishes has degenerated into a fundraiser for tourism bureau who wacks the participating restaurants approx $500 to $1000 each for "advertising".Every year i suggest participating restaurants just give a 20 percent discount on their regular menu so customers can try their regular dishes.For many people a free dessert which is what the spice deal amounts to is no bargain.

One night in South Beach

I would try jose andreas' restaurant at S.L.S. For creative dishes that are uniquely done.Many other restaurants are just overpriced processors of sysco food.

Anyone else enjoying Create TV?

Anyone else in miami beach watch it on atlantic broadband?They scrambled it about 6 months ago and i dont know why.I love watching america's test kitchen with that dork richard kimble presiding over how to make a certain recipe better,and consumer ratings on kitchen gadgets by jack bishop.I used to watch it on channel 95-5 and would love to have someone tell me how to unscramble it without spending even more money with atlantic broadband.

Jun 17, 2014
travlnmike in Food Media & News

South Beach with my 87 year old Dad (who has celiac disease)

I just wanted to alert you that milos is very expensive at night,but they offer a 3 course lunch for approx $26 that is great value.You may want to switch to lunch,and with the $150 you save drive or walk the 3 blocks to montys sunset at the miami beach marina to view the sunset and ships going by.Montys has free parking .

SoBe Gourmet Basket Delivery?

I would try epicure market on alton road in south beach and ask their suggestions for what they will include in the basket and for what price.

Dried Mexican Peppers in Miami?

Publix should have several types,i believe 3.If in north miami try lorenzos italian market at 164th and west dixie hiway.

Best indonesian restaurant for rijstaffel in Den Haag?

Which is the best?

Jul 27, 2013
travlnmike in Europe

Indian Food South Beach

There has never been great Indian food in south beach in the last 25 years that I have been here.Problem is they have to dumb down their food to a local population that can't handle spice.Try thali around 8th and washinton(Indian and Thai,with an Indian lunch buffet,),or guru on 12th st between washington and Collins if you must .Always has been a mystery to me that south beach can support good Thai restaurants,but not top notch Indian.And this is from someone who has been to India twice ,spending 4 months total there.

Group dinner Miami- sushi

If your emphasis is more fun dinner and atmosphere than fantastic sushi,sushi samba on Lincoln road would fill the bill.

Key West

Nothing more casual than garbo's food truck for their delicious korean BBQ burrito or mahi tacos across from hot sauce store on Greene st.Take your food into hot sauce place to try different hot sauces.cj's clam bar on duval for new England favorites fried belly clams or lobster rolls.Blue Heaven for shrimp Benedict and key lime pie.Happy hour try fifty cent raw oysters and six dollar tuna tataki at Half Shell Bar,or the $1 oyster rockefellers and clam and white bean"chili" at Alonzo's just below A&B lobster house.

Help me finalize my Miami itinerary!

Instead of taking cabs in south beach ,consider the local bus "sbl" (south beach local ) which runs every 15-20 minutes and does a loop around Washington ave and swings out west to the bay from 22nd st to 1st for only a quarter exact change.Save the cab fare for food.


I had the same feeling about the pizza that you did.Good,not great ,and definitely overpriced.Not running back to have another one anytime soon.

Runny Hummus

It's cheaper to add more chickpeas that you run through a food processor first after draining the liquid if you buy them by the can.Tahini costs much more,but if that is all you have you can add that to your bought hummus and combine it through your food processor for several minutes.I also add salt,pepper,hot peppers,and garlic to the lemon juice.

Apr 01, 2013
travlnmike in Home Cooking

Where would you go for sun lunch/ brunch in center city or cheltenham/ huntingdon valley area memorial day weekend?

Need a place to take my sister for sun lunch/ brunch on memorial day weekend.Previous places included lacroix,Sabrina's cafe,kanella,Chinatown,Tell me which dishes you recommend I try at your choice.

Mar 26, 2013
travlnmike in Philadelphia

What 3 dishes would you recommend at tavola restaurant on huntingdon pike?

Friend is having a gathering memorial day weekend there and I have never been there.What 3 appetizers and three entrees do you recommend there?What dishes would you stay away from?What are your general impressions of the restaurant?Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Mar 18, 2013
travlnmike in Philadelphia

VPE Rated Khong River 4 Stars in Sobe

I ate there opening night and found the dishes to be good but way under spiced compared to what level of heat used in northern Thailand.I had to ask for Thai bird chilies on the side for each of the 3 dishes I tried.Sort of like Thai food that Cuban Americans can handle.I feel no need to rush back.

Pride & Joy BBQ......

If its on a sun or mon nite I 'm interested

Now that it's over,which Miami spice meals did you think we're best?What changes to the program would you recommend?

I only tried 2 Miami spice meals I liked-city hall for lunch (loved their chicken wings),and pubbelly for dinner and would go back to both next year for the same meals.Which meals at which restaurants did you think were best?What changes to the spice program would you recommend?I think scrapping the special menus entirely in lieu of a straight up 20 percent off the regular menu items would give people a fairer impression of that restaurants food.Do you agree?

Monty's vs. Joe's

Haven't seen pompano served at joes in the last 5-10 years.They used to grill it on the flat top which gave it a tough outer layer that darkened its white appearance.Younger crowd didn't appreciate the fish I was told.