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Canard a la presse in Toronto?

My mom requested canard a la presse for her birthday dinner. Does anyone know a restaurant that serves it and if it's any good? I had no idea what it was until I did a bit of research: I thought I knew my food, but chalk it up to my mom for finding something that I knew nothing about =


I'd love any tips/advice. Thanks!

Feb 28, 2013
etune in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best restaurant in Lesliville

I popped by Skin + Bones on Tuesday (opening night). The wine list is excellent - 15 whites and 15 reds by the glass. The menu is very good, but is small and still being refined. The foie gras starter and pork belly were excellent! they have a trout dish which I found a touch overcooked. Give them a couple of weeks and I think it'll be top-notch!

I echo Milly's praise for Glas. The food quality is excellent and the owner/chef is a great guy! It's a real neighbourhood resto.

My other choice would be Table 17. Love most of their food.

Nov 30, 2012
etune in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Brunch on Queen East

I echo what others have said: LM, Table 17 and Bonjour Brioche are all great choices, but wanted to echo that Lil' Baci has a great brunch. We've had the baked eggs and the meatball sandwich, both were very delicious! There are rarely line-ups, which is great! A couple other ideas would be the Commissary and Rakia Bar. Commissary does lots of eggs bene and french toast made with croissants. Rakia Bar has a Eastern European inspired brunch...

Oct 23, 2012
etune in Ontario (inc. Toronto)