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Brisket- 1st & 2nd cut- marbled. Where to get?

Western beef. Locations in West Boca and Pembroke Pines. They sell the whole "packer" briskets.

Lobster Deals in Broward?

With the price of Lobsters down so much this summer, what places in Broward are running the best Lobster deals currently and which are the best for the $.

Great Steak, nice location

Completely disagree. Too expensive, yes, but the food is very good

Great Steak, nice location

Steak 954 in the W hotel Fort Lauderdale seems to fit your parameters.

Save me from McDonald's!

El Tamarindo, mentioned above, is fantastic and a great bargin.

I NEED to eat REAL BBQ in South Florida. Where do I go?

Wow, Jacks Old South coming to Miami. That is huge. This is the real deal stuff. I've judged bbq competitions that he's been in. He's a little untraditional, using higher cooking heats, but his product is awesome.

Fish and Shrimp in Broward Count

Calypso is great but due to them not being open on weekends, I eat there about once ever year or 2. I guess this business model works for them but it seems a crazy to me. If it were open on at least Saturday, I'd probably dine there 5 times a year.


I haven't had Rolling Stove in awhile. Kind of lost interest in the food truck roundups, but I did have a a great jerk brisket sandwich or something like that there. I know he changes the sandwiches up often


Sakaya Kitchen/Dssam a gogo and Rolling Stove. The rest are average at best and they are all overpriced.

fort lauderdale happy hours

Tarpon Bend and surrounding bars/restaurants.

Fort lauderdale


Dine Out Ft. Lauderdale

"Not only did we have to ask for the Dine Out menu, but I got a lecture from the hostess for not letting them know we wanted the menu in advance when we booked on Open Table!"

I would have gone off the deep end if this happend to me.....

Dine Out Ft. Lauderdale

HUGE DEMERITS when you have to ask for the Dine Out menu.

Seafood Paella

Cafe Seville on E. Oakland Park Blvd, East of US1. Makes a nice paella. Don't know what kind of mussels they use

El Jefe Luchador - "Hardcore Mexican Street Food" - New in Deerfield Beach

I finally tried it yesterday and enjoyed it. Al Pastor and Barbacoa tacos were fantastic. Carnitas was good but not as good as other two. Only complaint was the Gauc, which wasn't particulary good. It didn't seem home made. Fresh made chips that came with it were excellent though.

Pubbelly - Perceptor's Photo Report

I must add that I sent an email to the manager about this issue and he responded promptly that he will be addressing the issue I raised immediately. I'm happy with his response.

Pubbelly - Perceptor's Photo Report

I went to Pubbelly for the first time last night. I know there is another thread or 2 about the same issue that I am going to comment on but I couldn't find it easily. Anyway, let me start of by saying that the food was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed every single bite of all 10 items we ordered. I really cannot stress enough how good the food was.
The issue that I had and I know others have had is that we seemed to get the one very pushy waiter who wanted us to order his way and allow him to just bring out all of his favorite dishes. As soon as we said that we weren't going to do that, his attitude completely changed and his service from their on out was completely unattentive and borderline rude. Also, when my wife tried to order a $10 Saki flavored cocktail, he immediately tried to sell her the $80 bottle of Saki. Things like this just drive me crazy. We aren't doing you a favor by dining there and we can order whatever and however we want, and just deal with it. Very unprofessional. Though again, the food was fantastic.

BurgerFi Fort Lauderdale

I tried it late Friday night around 11pm. Was empty when we arrived but the line was 10 deep by the time we left. Burger was a pretty good Shake Shack copy, but a little on the small side given the nearly $6 price. It was late so the burger and fries was enough for me then, but had I gone for a full lunch or dinner, I think I would have felt unfulfilled.

Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood

I wouldn't make the drive just to go there. It is really more of a flea market with a few produce vendors that really don't sell anything you can't get somewhere else.

north dade/broward/palm beach counties: all you can eat stone crab deals

I was very happy with the AYCE mediums for $39 last week at Catfish Dewey's, on Andrews between Commercial and Oakland Park Blvd

Catfish Deweys
4003 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

New Farmers Market in Hollywood

It's really more of a weekend flea market than a farmers/green market. Way to many non food vendors.

BBQ in Ft. Lauderdale

If you are looking for good BBQ, avoid Smokey Bones at all costs

BBQ in Ft. Lauderdale

I went to Texas Hold Em the other day. The brisket was good but somewhat inconsistent. Some pieces where excellent, very tender and moist and others quite dry. The Mac and cheese is solid but I didn't care for the collards. Way to salty and mostly stems.
I would recommend staying away from the lunch specials as the portions are small. The dinners are the way to go.

News Flash! Previously unknown burger declared "Best!"

IMO, Gilberts makes a good burger but far from great. I don't think they are anywhere close to as good as Charm City in Deerfield or even Beer and Burger Joint in Miami or any one of a number of other places.

Johnny V's restaurant Smith and Jones in Ft Lauderdale shut

Not surprised regarding Smith & Jones. I enjoyed it when it opened and went 4-5 times in the first year. I didn't make it back there until recently and it was just awful. The menu changed somewhat with higher prices, the food was not good and the music was ridiculious loud.

Has anyone tried Solita?

I actually tried the Wednesday night special last night and thought it was a solid deal. The food was good, not great, but for $49.50 for two people and half price wine, it was well worth it. The meatballs were quite good, the ravioli excellent, the salad was fair (very salty) , the chicken scarp was also overly salty but still fairly ok, and the canoli was excellent.
Though I probably would not be in a hurry to go back here for the regular menu as it appeared overpriced, I would certainly come back for the $49.50 Wednesday night deal.

Has anyone tried Solita?

Has anyone tried this special that they offer on Wednesday nights?

The Village at Gulfstream Park

I agree on Ppayright. I didn't eat there but had a Guinness. For a supposed Irish pub, they had no idea how to pour a Guiness. It came out ice cold and the bartender poured it all at once. You would think that pooring a proper pint of Guiness would be part of training 101 for an "Irish Pub"

Zed 451, Boca Raton

Anyone been here recently? Was wondering if it improved since the opening

Any good Vietnamese food in north broward or south palm beach county?

FYI, I tried to go to Saigion Cuisine last week and they are closed until Feb 26, or somewhere around there, for a kitchen renovation.