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Chinese food for Christmas day.... Best place downtown is???

Oh that's too bad. I've certainly never thought of it as westernized. I have to admit, it hasn't changed in the 20+ years we've been going, but I think that's one of the reasons we keep going back, is the consistency. There's never any surprises, you get what you ordered. Sometimes I need that.

Chinese food for Christmas day.... Best place downtown is???

Why not? What was wrong with them?

Chinese food for Christmas day.... Best place downtown is???

if you're looking for a little bit less expensive, I'd recommend Swatow (spadina, n of queen). Gets a bit crazy on xmas day, but the lineups go quickly. We love the food there, any time of year.

Harpers Landing, Oakville

I haven't been but the yelp reviews are favorable

Huevos Rancheros 2014

I'm a huevos rancheros freak and I have to say my favorite is at Universal Grill on Shaw.

Chinatown East, Broadview and Gerrard: quality?

I 2nd the dumpling house. Love that place.

Chinatown East, Broadview and Gerrard: quality?

Thats exactly what it was...older musty oil. Unfortunately, it turned me off of the place. And the pasta was not good enough to bring me back. Its too bad, I loved seeing an Italian place in the area.

Chinatown East, Broadview and Gerrard: quality?

Checked out Mr Ciao, granted they have a great patio for the area, service was great, but I felt the pizza was awful. They deep fry the crust, which sounded amazing, but I found it had a musty grease taste and very 'pizza pizza' type toppings. Pasta was nothing special, arugula salad was nice and fresh. One other thing that totally turned me off was the price of the wine. Whoa. Crazy expensive.

Danforth Pizza House for sale

those boxes have always been there....they just go up and down as they use and replace them

Danforth Pizza House for sale

We love the pizza now...have been going for 25 years, was worried that it wouldn't be as good with the new owners but we thought it was terrific. Somebody on here complained that there wasn't as much cheese. I didn't find that at all. My DH thinks its even better.

Signs Restaurant and Bar

Anybody been? I'm curious what the food is like. I cant seem to find a food review. Its all about the signing.

What to bring back from Quebec (Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec City)

We always tend to stop at Costco on our way home and load up on beer and wine. A wee bit cheaper than the lcbo here.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Oh, thats too bad, I really liked that place.

Looking for reasonably priced authentic Mexican in Vegas.

Four of us are spending 4 days in Vegas in a couple of weeks. One is a Mexican food fan so we would like one of our dinners to be a nice authentic Mexican food feast. Looks like there's quite a few choices. Thought I would put it out there and see what's recommended. Thx in advance.

Jul 07, 2014
BIGeater100 in Las Vegas

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Hi, yes, he had an opening for a few guests (some Lolitas regulars), served appys and wine.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Braised opens today at 896 Queen East, (Queen and Logan). Same owner as Lolitas on danforth. Interior is beautiful, the apps we were served last night were terrific....real comfort food. Only issue I see so far is the acoustics...its loud. May be a little quieter without so many people walking around, chatting, but it was loud. Hope it does well.

best turkey burger in TO?

Bannock. Queen and Bay. Seriously, I'm back there once a week and can't seem to order anything but the turkey burger. So juicy.

Yorkville! Help!

I 2nd the Playa Cabana suggestion.

Morgans on Danforth

I LOVE this place...been 4 times now and have yet to have a meal that hasnt been terrific. My favorite so far is the Korean chicken with the kimchi rice. And the black cod is wonderful. I dont find the place pricey at all. Was reading earlier comments and realized they must have changed the prices.

Oakville recommendations

Plank, at Bronte Rd and Lakeshore is pretty good. We also tried Tavolo at Hopedale Mall. Food wasn't too bad, and the service was great. Would probably be a pretty good location for a birthday dinner.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

The brunch is amazing. Had the french toast with fried chicken thighs. Hubby had the sausage and eggs. Everything was cooked to perfection. Only complaint was the 12.00 caesar. Thats a little steep. It was nothing special. Prohibition down the street makes a pretty good caesar for 7 bucks.

quick dinner near Queen St E and Woodbine?

I 2nd Sauvignon. Best grilled calamari I've ever had.

quick dinner near Queen St E and Woodbine?

visited Hogtown Smoke awhile back. One word. Awful. I'm hoping they just need to get some kinks out, but it was truly awful.

best salads, 2014 edition

Love the grilled romaine caesar salad at Strada 241.

Hogtown Smoke - brick and mortar location

Seriously, I've never had deep fried medallions, that was my first time. We usually get them at Stouts or Flatiron pub and both are spears.

Hogtown Smoke - brick and mortar location

Really? Cause I can tell you, my experience was quite a bit different. Here's my review on yelp.

We arrived fairly early on a Thursday so no problem getting a seat. Ordered a pinot first mistake. Comes room temperature, when I tell her its warm, she goes, you wanna ice cube? Ummm, no, I want a glass of undiluted cold white wine, but if the ice cube is all you've got, I'll take it. She goes on to tell me she had just opened the bottle. You might want to refridgerate the rest of the bottle...and the others.
We started with the deep fried dill pickles. Deep fried dill pickles should not look like that. They were medallions. That's just wrong but they weren't bad. Would have been nice to have some cool ranch to go with them but they gave us chipotle without asking what we wanted.
We then ordered the pork poutine, and the half chicken with beans and creamy coleslaw. Loved the poutine, but I've had better chicken from the grocery store rotisserie. It was so dry I asked for bbq sauce, thought I could smother it a bit. She asks me, do you want mild or spicy. Mild please. Squirted bbq sauce all over my chicken to find out mild means hot. I'm assuming the spicy means suicide. I couldn't eat the chicken, not that I wanted to anyway, it was awful. So incredibly dry. The beans had a musty taste (baked beans should not taste like that) and the creamy coleslaw was so salty I couldn't eat it either. And I like my salt, trust me.
Was hoping to love this place but it just left a bad taste in my mouth. Literally

Toronto's worst dives

Canary (and their great breakfasts, closed a while back)

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Just read that Corner House will be closing at the end of the month. Have had may romantic dinners there over the years. Sorry to see it go.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

thats good. It seems to be our go to place for Indian. Thx

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Somebody mentioned on the weekend that Sher-e-Punjab on the Danforth had closed. Anybody know if thats true?