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Best Cinnamon Rolls

Isles Bun & Coffee are so good! I used to work next door which was trouble. Also, if you find yourself near the Harrison neighborhood of Minneapolis, Milda's has fluffy cinnamon rolls. They will ask you if you'd like butter too:)

What's the Worst Dish You Ever Made?

I love pasta carbonara and tried to flavor it with lemon zest and serrano peppers. I have hits and misses but have never had something like this that I literally couldn't eat without gagging. Now, I stick to the classic preparation.

May 10, 2014
mn_praline in Home Cooking

Good fish & chips

I second Ward 6. We've been there several time and I can't branch out because I love the fish and chips so much. The malt vinegar mayo that comes with it is addicting.

Fargo to Grand Forks to St James,MB recs??

Sandy's donuts are fantastic and I became a hesitant Red Pepper convert. Hated it at first, came to crave them after a long drive from Iowa to Fargo.

I never made it to Grand Forks when I lived in Fargo-if you need a break between the two cities, Our Town Bakery is a cute coffee shop in Hillsboro. I stopped there once when they were newly opened and enjoyed a flaky pastry filled with beef stew. Here's their Facebook page:

Feb 08, 2014
mn_praline in Great Plains

Is there anything in Fargo?

My pleasure. I truly enjoyed our two years living there. Lots of passionate food people.

Jan 14, 2014
mn_praline in Great Plains

Is there anything in Fargo?

I lived in Fargo for the past two years-just moved to Iowa. It is a really fun and active town. There's several colleges and NDSU so people are always out and about. Hodo Lounge is a decent option-really like the fish and chips, veggie burger and bison burger. Those seemed the most consistent.

Mezzaluna has our favorite happy hour with $7 plates. We also like Sarello's in Moorhead. There's a new German restaurant downtown called Wurst Bier Hall and Vinyl Taco.

Here are some local blogs I read:

I wrote this before leaving (Pizza Nico has closed. Cafe 21 is now called Bangkok Corner):

Jan 14, 2014
mn_praline in Great Plains

Chefs tasting food in unsanitary manner with fingers, prep this acceptable?

In culinary school, we kept a big container of tasting spoons next to the range and used each one once. I've worked in a couple restaurants and they also only used clean spoons to taste foods before sending to the dish room.

Dec 07, 2013
mn_praline in Not About Food

Unwanted Advice at the Store

I love Bill Hunt's story about receiving good unsolicited advice. That type of advice wouldn't bother me in the least.

I remember the first time this happened occurred last year. I was at work riding the elevator back to my floor after a snack break. A man took a look at my bagel and informed me I shouldn't put so much cream cheese on it, because cream cheese is fatty. I remember saying, "I don't care," before walking off the elevator.

Nov 17, 2013
mn_praline in Not About Food

Pivotal food moments or how I became a food freak..

I grew up in Minnesota. My mom didn't seem to enjoy cooking until my brother and I went to college and my dad was often gone on long business trips. We ate a lot of bland foods and frozen family entrees. I wasn't particularly picky, but I did hate things like mustard, mayo, fish and shrimp.

One summer when I was about 12, my friend's family invited me on a road trip to Montana. My folks gave them money to cover my lodging, food and gas. I was invited to try anything my friend's family ordered and given the opportunity to really order anything I wanted to eat.

I found that I didn't actually hate seafood. My first bite of a fresh from the fryer jumbo shrimp was a revelation and I became excited about also exploring the world through meals. I also ate my first chicken fried steak and bone-in pork chop. It was a gift of an experience.

Rehearsal Dinner / Private Dining in Minneapolis

We had a dinner in a private room at Heartland this past year after my wedding for about 35 people. They were flexible about menu options.

Southern Vegetarian Indian?

I've been to India Cafe in Richfield and prefer Surabhi in Bloomington. It's also spicier.

Your Biggest Restaurant Menu Pet Peeve

I tried to skim through the replies before I replied. I really can't stand it when menus describe items as "cooked to perfection."

Hits and Misses from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

I really enjoyed the brown butter rice crispie treats.

Tried to make the sugar and spice candied nuts. I've never made this type of recipe before, but I tried to follow the instructions and a lot of the sugar never melted to coat the nuts. It just clumped into very hard nuggets.

Apr 10, 2013
mn_praline in Home Cooking

Spinach Lasagna Noodles

I'm pretty sure Broders Cucina sells fresh spinach pasta sheets that are uncut. at least they did when i worked there several years ago.

Bread and Pickle

Isn't Clancy's Meats in Linden Hills? I got an amazing sandwich to go there once.

What's the best Korean restaurant?

Of Hoban, Mirror of Korea, Dong Yang, and Sole Cafe, I like Dong Yang and Sole Cafe the best. Mirror of Korea was our choice for take-out since it was closest to our home, but I feel that Sole Cafe and Dong Yang are tied for my favorite Korean meals as of lately.

Any recipes for Dandelion Greens?

I love dandelion greens! If they are big and bitter, I blanch them quickly in salted water. Then, I mix them with sauteed onion, rendered bacon, fresno chili, and season with miso paste, mirin, and lemon juice.

May 24, 2012
mn_praline in Home Cooking

mole verde?

I just went to La Alborada today and saw green mole paste. This Heavy Table article says someone comes in to make it from scratch.

"What's that?" - grocery store edition.

i think i just got really flustered as i look back in hindsight. but i see what you mean, that the ginger was never really paid for by anyone since it went right into the trash.

Mar 04, 2012
mn_praline in General Topics

"What's that?" - grocery store edition.

I bought a nob of fresh ginger from a major grocery store in Minneapolis. While I was bagging groceries, the lady behind me is hollering because the cashier threw the ginger in the trash can while I wasn't looking. The cashier just shrugged and said she did not know what it was and that if I wanted the ginger, I should go grab more myself. The lady behind me was kind of angry and kept asking her "What if she needed the ginger?" and "What's wrong with you?" I just wanted to leave as quickly as possible!

Feb 29, 2012
mn_praline in General Topics

seeking list of best,most interesting NE Minneapolis restaurants

I completely agree. That really was the best (and spiciest) Indian food I've ever had to this day.

Our State Fair 2011: it's the Best State Fair in our State!

I thought the sweet corn ice cream had a grainy texture and the some of the crunchy corn kernels were really difficult to chew. . .it wasn't bad by any means and i agree the sauce was tasty but not something i'd crave-needed more bacon or more salt. loved the minneaple pie CRUST. So delicious. I thought the filling was a tad too sweet.

Odd request... Good Salads.

ooo, i love emily's tabouli. also love spoonriver's caesar salad with mock duck (this has spoiled me for enjoying other casears), broder's greek salad is full of veggies and chickpeas, shish has a great fattoush-lemony salad with toasted pita.

Date Night in Minneapolis?

congrats on the opportunity to enjoy a date night:)

the past two years, my s.o. have tried many places for special date nights. the only places i haven't been sort of let down for the price point are meritage (which is in st. paul but worth the drive in my opinion), and we just had a wonderful evening at cosmos in dt minneapolis. i've been to la belle vie and felt the food was just as satisfying and a better value at cosmos--you can order the five course tasting menu for $45. heidi's is also wonderful-and last time i checked, entrees didn't top $20.

Indian Cooking Class

I attended a really excellent class at ethnicfoodsco! Would highly recommend.

What's your fix when the Heat Index tops 95 degrees?

iced Vietnamese coffee

I want to eat a whole fish

I was going to get the three sauce fish but couldn't resist the yellow curry crab for $16.99. The crab was huge and the sauce was really delicious. It was warm but not spicy, sweet, and full of scrambled egg and green onions. There was a lot of plump meat in the crab. It's so big I've been eating leftovers for many meals.

We also enjoyed the beef laab at medium spicy. The pad thai was decent and fresh but a little too sweet. The service was really wonderful. They mentioned something about having beer on Thursday. I will be back for that fish!

I want to eat a whole fish

i mean "here and. . . "

I want to eat a whole fish

thanks for all of the suggestions! we are going to on's for the first time tomorrow. i will report here or my blog.

I want to eat a whole fish

I have never eaten a whole fish before and feel tomorrow is a great day!

Where would you recommend for the best place to order a whole fish?

I have heard decent things about Pancho Villa, La Sirena Gorda or was thinking Bangkok Thai or Grand Szechuan? Thanks for you input:)

La Sirena Gorda
920 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Pancho Villa Restaurant
2539 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Grand Szechuan
10602 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431