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best sushi west 70's?

Sushi Yasaka is on 72nd between Broadway and West End. It's very good, but a bit of a nightmare when it's jammed.

Apr 23, 2015
americanafan in Manhattan

Annisa: Small and lovely, with gorgeous, sexy food...short review

I haven't seen anything suggesting the loss of a lease. Anita Lo has said that the restaurant almost lost its lease during the closure following the fire, but that has no bearing on the current lease.

Oct 29, 2014
americanafan in Manhattan

Moving to 105 and Broadway - Whats good up there?

Seconding a few others:
Awadh is the best Indian restaurant on the UWS, and Indus Valley also is reliable. Gennaro is a solid neighborhood Italian restaurant. Zoma may be a bit better, but Awash is a fine Ethiopian restaurant. Sura and Thai Market are the best of the Thai restaurants in the area. Absolute Bagels, of course. Las Palomas is a cute Mexican grocery on 100th St. east of Broadway. And stay tuned for the Halal Guys' brick and mortar restaurant.

Oct 05, 2014
americanafan in Manhattan

Mexican Cheese in Manhattan

Las Palomas, 219 W. 100th St. near Broadway, always has a good selection.

Aug 21, 2014
americanafan in Manhattan

best Mexican in SoHo

Tex-Mex border cuisine is different from regional Mexican cuisine, and to be honest, I wouldn't look in SoHo for exemplars of either.

Jun 20, 2014
americanafan in Manhattan

Where to buy varieties of Latin dried chiles in NYC?

Kalustyan's is a reliable source for dried chiles.

Feb 06, 2014
americanafan in Manhattan

Dell'amina is booked, now what?

Crispo, 14th St. between 7th & 8th Aves.

Dec 06, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

Looking for casual Seafood in midtown NYC

Crave Fishbar, 2nd Ave. & 50th St. Diverse, interesting menu.

Dec 06, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

A good pre-theater dinner on the upper west side?

Spiga, 200 W. 84th.

Nov 12, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

Killer Omakase at Sushi Yasaka (West 72nd St)

Omakase at the bar is the way to go, but you were fortunate if you were able to walk in and get seats at the bar. The place can be crowded and noisy, and the quality of the service and the food declines when it is.

Oct 10, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

UWS Saturday Dinner-good but not fancy

I'd recommend Telepan 72 W. 69th St. -- excellent, inventive food and a moderate noise level.

Sep 25, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

Best Greek bakery for takeout pastries / dessert

If you're on the UWS, consider Artopolis, Amsterdam Ave between 113th and 114th. But Poseidon may be a better bet.

Apr 23, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

Book club venue needed - Columbia University area

Low-noise near Columbia? Good luck. My top pick would be Vareli, Broadway at 111th St.

Apr 14, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

French or Italian on UES or UWS, where we can talk

I'd suggest Alloro on the Upper East Side, and Spiga on the Upper West Side.

Apr 08, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

Gluten-free Passover matzoh and crackers?

Yehuda gluten-free "matzoh product," available at some Fairways. But don't.

Mar 27, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

Chicagoan in NYC- Ethiopian?

In Manhattan, Awash, Zoma, and Massawa, which is Eritrean, are worth a try.

Mar 19, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

Recs for City College Area?

Have you tried Trufa, Broadway between 139th & 140th? Small, charming, good burgers and pasta dishes.

Jan 08, 2013
americanafan in Manhattan

Good sushi on Upper West Side

Sushi Yasaka on 72nd west of Broadway. But avoid peak times; it's much more comfortable and consistent when it's not jammed.

Nov 12, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

Some place special near St. John the Divine?

Sadly, I agree with Simon. Perhaps Dovetail, 77th between Amsterdam and Columbus. I like Vareli, Broadway and 111th, but don't think of it as a special event destination.

Nov 04, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

Indian Restaurant - Upper West Side

Amla, Broadway between 104th and 105th, is relatively new and is usually quiet. A cut above Indus Valley, a nearby restaurant which is more popular.

Oct 05, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

Good restaurant on Upper West Side for older, conservative eaters?

La Mirabelle is a comfortable place for an older, conservative group.

Sep 20, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

Italian Restaurant UWS help!

I'd suggest Spiga, 200 W. 84th at Amsterdam.

Aug 23, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

takeout fried chicken on UWS

Rack & Soul at 109th & Broadway is pretty reliable.

Jul 26, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

Avra Estiatorio or Kellari Taverna -- help me decide

If you haven't been to Estiatorio Milos, you should consider it. Excellent charcoal-grilled fish, though pricier than most other places. Avra is a solid, consistent alternative.

Jun 14, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

upper west side-80's nyc

Ditto on Gari and Ouest

May 18, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

Jin Ramen on Broadway and 125th street

It's the only ramen joint within 60 blocks.

Mar 08, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

cafe to sit and read for an hour near Columbia U?

Max Caffe, 1262 Amsterdam at 122nd St., is probably the best bet. Pastries aren't their strong suit, but the atmosphere is very comfortable.

Max Caffe
1262 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027

Feb 17, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

Where can I buy ground sumac in Manhattan?

14 oz package of sumac powder is $9.99.

Jan 10, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

Turkuaz or Vareli?

Another vote for Vareli. The grilled octopus with chickpeas, olives and labneh yogurt is outstanding. In addition to the dinner menu, there is a bar menu with cheeses, charcuterie, and grilled paninis, and an extensive selection of beers and wines by the glass.

2869 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

Jan 05, 2012
americanafan in Manhattan

where to eat 72nd street and Columbus avenue area

If quality is important, I'd consider Telepan, although it's more expensive than most of these suggestions. I also like Epices du Traiteur, although not everyone is a fan.

72 W. 69th Street, New York, NY 10023

103 W 70th St, New York, NY 10023

Dec 13, 2011
americanafan in Manhattan