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The Admiral in Asheville - Anyone else think it's the most overrated place in town?

The admiral is the best restaurant in Asheville. No questions asked. Curate, Table, Homegrown, Bouchon, Limones, Salsa's, Chorizos, Marketplace, Carmels... Nothing ever meets the quality and authenticity of The Admiral. We will continuously try new restaurants and always walk out saying, "it was great, but, not the admiral..."
I also think it's extremely fairly priced. The "small" plates are not small and can surely be an entire meal never reaching over $13. The highest priced item is the steak ($27) which is gigantic and served with several other items.
The cocktails are always amazing (the dark and stormy is a must beginner) and the bar is just as great to sit at as a table if you don't have reservations.
Yes, the food is authentic, and the menu changes every night, but I'm pretty sure it could rock just about anyone's pallet. A man once told me he couldn't stand brussel sprouts his whole life, but it came with his dish and he's never been so impressed with a vegetable. I could go on..
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this is mine: The Admiral is absolutely not overrated. Walk in with a smile on your face and the urge for a buzz.

Oct 20, 2012
believeitpeople in Southeast