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Georgian Room, Sea Island

Good luck, ummyadriane Let us know how it was and where you went.

Jan 11, 2013
sammur in Southeast

Trip Report -4 nights in NOLA

It really made me appreciate the quality of NO restaurants. BTW, I haven't seen Unicum anywhere outside of Hungary either. Great "digestive"
Thanks for your comments.

Dec 12, 2012
sammur in New Orleans

Trip Report -4 nights in NOLA

First off, many thanks to all the contributors for their sage advice in deciding on where to eat. I have been going to NO for a long time since my dad was a sports writer for the Times-Picayune. We have always gone to the same lineup and this year, thanks to Chowhound write in, we went to all new (to us) restaurants.

Disclaimer: we had the same wine all four nights ( Muscadet $35-40) so a good or bad wine did not affect the dinner. It was really good with the seafood by the way.

First night Boucherie
Great service and atmosphere. Avocado/goatcheese mousse salad was the best we had.blackened shrimp/grit cake and seafood beignets were delicious. Wife had mahi-mahi with the caramelized parsnips and truffled cauliflower
Dessert also rated best..KK breadpudding great but the Thai chili choc chess pie was transending.

Second R'Evolution
Staid atmosphere but elegant. The sheep riccota gnocci with lobster was both rich and flavorful. Crab beignets with 4 remoulades were also light and crispy. The house made iced cream good especially the "burnt marshmellow".

Third Patois
This place was really great except we felt a little rushed at the end when they were waiting to seat a ten top and needed our table. Salad was fresh and good. We each had a fish- grouper special and the almond crusted flounder. Both had great sauces.
The real winner was the olive oil cake with rosemary ice cream, vanilla bean semifreddo and pistachio dust. Thumbs down- bread tasted like brioche instead of NO french bread. Thumbs up- they serve Unicum (Zwack).

Last night Upperline
The combo of FGT and shrimp remoulade was a real treat. Galatoire's always had my favorite shrimp rem but this was better. The lump crab gumdo was delicious and went well with the table bread. We both had the Drum Meuniere and recommend it highly. Served over great cornbread with greens on the side.

Sorry this is so long but even that doesn't serve justice to the meals we had. Thanks again to all Chowhounds.

Dec 11, 2012
sammur in New Orleans

Hilton Head Island

I went by Flamigo Donuts today and it is closed. Big for lease sign in the window even though there are drinks still in the case. Sad day.

Jun 01, 2012
sammur in Southeast

Georgian Room, Sea Island

I would also highly, highly encourage you and your wife to set aside plenty of money to spend because you will.

May 30, 2012
sammur in Southeast

Sent back entree, meager comp

SweetPea, can you tell us the name and location of this place? I want to be sure to never go there.

Dec 02, 2007
sammur in Not About Food

Samalita's: Is it creepy or not?

Thanks for your note. I'm scratching Samalito's off my list.

Nov 06, 2007
sammur in Manhattan