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Coffee Can Bread -- Safe?

Walmart sells GV coffee (great value). I hear they are BPA free.
Here is a great list of BPA free canned items

Oct 29, 2013
BlkPumpkin in Home Cooking

Deluscious Cookies

Saw this link re: Deluscious cookies. Love those freakin cookies. Do they sell their uncooked dough or should I just "palm" Tony some money on the downlow? :)

Jul 19, 2013
BlkPumpkin in Los Angeles Area

Mystery Diner. 100% faked, i'll tell you why.

Permission is unilateral given to be filmed by being an employee of said business.
I am an executive manager in a popular known business...
It's amazing the B/S that some employees feel that they can get away with. Not all; some!
...stealing; rude to customers; slacking off; etc...
When the cats are away; the mice take the freak over!!

Jan 01, 2013
BlkPumpkin in Food Media & News