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You may want to go for a little jaunt over the border ... Honey Bee Market is 2 minutes over the Ambassador Bridge. The jicama there is fresher than any that I have ever bought anywhere in Canada (Windsor or Toronto). They also have an amazing selection of other Hispanic veggies and fruit..and also have great house made fresh salsa and guacamole..they have a hot table too with tamales and other great food. I very rarely come back into Canada without stopping there.

401 west chowstops - anything between Toronto and Ambassador Bridge, Detroit

I go to Ann Arbor almost every weekend in the school year.. my must go spot is a grocery store right on the other side of the bridge..Honey Bee. It is in Mexicantown..2443 Bagley Street. It has a great selection of Mexican food items..they have a hot table as well. They have great homemade tamales, guacamole, salsa, fresh meat counter with great Chorizo. I go there most times I cross and do most of my grocery shopping there. Whenever I am bringing my friends to Ann Arbor from Toronto I stop there and everyone has loved looking at the products that we could never get here.

Lalibela Ethiopian on Danforth near Donlands - Anyone tried it?

in the NOW mag. there was an ad for Lalibela, that a second location is opening on the Danforth. I have been to Lalibela in the west end...but I have to say that I much perfer, and would recomend the place directly across the street of the new location... Rendezvous Cafe. It is way better. I have not gone back to the west end since finding Rendezvous here in the east.

Best Ethiopian?

ya...anyway I figured curry would be more understood to everyone...ok their wat is real good...that better? Besides...the word curry is used to describe meat/veg cooked in sauce and spice...not just in India.

Best Ethiopian?

My fav is Rendez-vous, at 1408 Danforth (around Greenwood). Their vegitarian platter is great..all curries are complex in their flavor...and have texture...some places I find everything is too mushy and flat tasting (just heat nothing else). The injera is good..not slimy. The owners are there serving/cooking most of the time and make the place feel homey.

uniquely Ann Arbor and very special?

I am from Toronto and spend lots of time in A2...and go to Montreal some suggestion is to keep to American classics and Mexican, and stay away from international cuisines...sadly most have been Americanized...Ethiopian has injera is made with white flour not teft at Blue Nile..and hardly any spice...if you want international stop in TO on the way. Otherwise La Fiesta Mexicana is great, Blue Tractor, Zola, Zingerman's. For breakfast and muffins, check out Afternoon Delight.
Best advice from a fellow Canuck.....It is the Mid west, and you are from Montreal...for the love of god don't eat the cheese! (except from Zingerman's -kind of)

MSP: The Blue Nile

I go to Ann Arbor every weekend, and live in Toronto (right near our Ethiopian area of the city). I usualy go out for Ethiopian weekly. I was very disapointed in the Blue Nile...I had such hope for get my weekly fix when in A2. I was shocked to see that they do not use teff in their injera. It is not anywhere near the spicy level that we get here in Canada. The thought of "all you can eat" Ethiopian just somehow seems wrong on so many levels. It was also over double the price than what we are use to here (there around $25 US for mixed plate..and $11 CDN here). We asked the owner (chef) about the lack of teff/spice and he told us he makes it to a more American taste...I don't know...but I guess if you are one that never had Ethiopian...come on up to Toronto and taste it in it's original form.

mexican town, detroit

I was looking around Mexican Town in Detroit on the weekend...but was overwelmed trying to find a good place to eat...any recomondations?? I loved Honey Bee grocery store...great guaq, and tamales.

coney island huh? we just moved to Ann Arbor from Canada, and have a chowhound question...what is all this coney island stuff? Does it just refer to the chili dogs? Is it the style of restaurant? What are the good coney places in Ann Arbor? Why all this and no
Please help a confused canuck!

canuck in ann arbour

I am from Toronto and am spending the weekend in Ann Arbour exploring..and want to check out some great chowhound eating spots...any suggestions? I would like to keep it reasonable in price..I am very multicultural in my tastes...I'll try (and have tried) just about anything...please help...I hope I will try some great spots so that I won't miss Toronto tooo much if I move down there.


Oh that is a good site...expecialy now with the strong dollar


Anyone know where I can find grits? I have tried Cajun Corner..but they are out of stock.

T&T coming to downtown!!!! (Toronto)

great...thanks...I will use with caution

T&T coming to downtown!!!! (Toronto)

I didn't they clean the fish they sell whole?
Also I got one of the clay pots that they were giving do you use those?

Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

If you want great SPICY Szechuan...try Szechuan Ledgend. It is at 3280 Midland (just north of Finch...beside the fountain) It is fantastic, most dishes are a massive red hue from all the whole chili peppers cooked in. Often my partner and I are the only non-asian people there...and the resaurant manager keeps coming to our table to ask if we are ok...and is the food too spicy for our palat...are we sure we dont mind the heat...but we love it and go back as often as we can.

T&T coming to downtown!!!! (Toronto)

It is getting close!!! The new parking lot is in, and painted, a massive Canadian flag has been unfurled, and the last details on the sign is being done.

Festival of South Asia

I live in the area and have gone a few times. I like it- it is way smaller, and calmer than Taste of the is more like a small community fair, with entertainment and small kid rides. It looks like they are planning more outdoor food than usual, which would be great...I can't get enough of the local food. I would recomend giving it a try, seeing you like Indian anyway, chances are you will find some new favorite.

Downtown T&T open in Aug?

Passed by again today and the date of opening is Aug 23, I also saw lots of trucks delivering's almost here! :)

Best place to buy coffee beans? New to this ...

Remarkable bean in the beach is great...they roast their own and it is fair trade..I always get the jet fuel roast, it is very strong. Also Merchants of Green Coffee is great too, they sell the beens green, so you can roast your own, but they sell a daily selection of beans that they roast that day, the difference of having fresh roasted coffee is amazing. They are at 2 Matilda St (Queen E/ DVP)

Lynn Crawford was robbed

true about her coming back as a New York chef...but it is nice to know she is keeping her home in Toronto, as it said in the Toronto Star today

Mar 08, 2007
suzspot in Food Media & News

Lynn Crawford was robbed

I can not believe that yet another Canadian chef lost on Iron Chef! How could the judges overlook her fantastic entries...and pick Flay's peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and ribs??? Oh ya the contest was in a place that discribes a "papadom is like a tortilla, just different" Oh brother, why bother????

Mar 07, 2007
suzspot in Food Media & News

What else is better in Canada?

French fries, with cheese curds and gravy...should be fresh curds, NOT grated cheese

Mar 05, 2007
suzspot in General Topics

T&T Supermarket to open downtown Toronto at Waterfront they started ..there were workers there breaking up the cement floor, and it looked like a fair bit of activity. Finally.

T&T Supermarket to open downtown Toronto at Waterfront

I drive by it everday to get to work...they are not moving too fast. They have empied it out of all the junk from the previous users, but nothing past that.

Dinner near the Drake

Mildred Pierce is fantastic, it is on Sudbury St, a very short walk. Also if you are staying at the Drake, a great brunch is at the Beaver Cafe

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

under construction for 2 years?? that is being is more like 4-5..they only took down the original building 2 years ago, but before that you were still in trailers. I do like their food though, although a bit oily

Food Factory Outlets and other Bargains in GTA

another good factory outlet is Dimflemire's on Advance in Etobicoke...they have great prices but they also have their bread not sliced, strait out of the oven..they have several sizes that they sell in pound sizes, so they have loaves 3lbs, 4lbs and 10lbs. The 10lbs is like 3ft long and is massive. They also sell coffee and homemade jelly doughnut (both great) for $1.25. Lots of great pastries and cookies too...all great prices (I got a blueberry pie for $3.95 and apple strudle for $1.95 (which tastes way better when heated up.)

How far would you drive for good chow within Ontario?

I can't think of anywhere in Ontario...but a few times I drove to Rochester for a big plate of Dinasaur BBQ...and picked up a few bottles of their sauce for home..

Fish and Chips

I second Sun Crisp...I use to go there as a kid in the '70's and loved it..I went again a few weeks ago and it was great to find that nothing changed, the decore was the same and the great quality of the fish. The batter is so light and perfectly cooked..not overdone. It is worth the drive.

Thai for ten

where would be a good (and reasonably priced) thai place to have a casual birthday get together? Is Young Thailand still good? The place should be TTC accessible.