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Hakata TonTon

I'd have to say that the pig ears are a must to avoid. They are flavorless, gelatinous AND crunchy. Just disgusting.

Pretty good: the "tonsoku simply grilled with salt" comes with this amazing citrus-infused salt. The tonsoku gyoza served on a sizzling platter and peperoncino pasta with garlic, bacon and tonsoku are very good, but kind of tame. The pasta comes in a huge portion (I split it with my boyfriend... too much food for one person!).

The "rare cheesecake" is not to be missed! They serve it in a coffee cup, it has no crust. Instead, it's basically congealed butterfat with a consistency a little like cottage cheese. It made my eyes cross, it was so good. However, I could feel it instantly padding my thighs.

Nov 05, 2007
everhopeful89 in Manhattan

Cafe Sabarsky Cabaret Night?

The food is actually pretty good for the cabaret evenings. When I went, I had sublime pumpkin soup (best part of the meal!), nice enough cod with lentils and very buttery mashed potatoes, and mango torte with raspberry sorbet. I should have had the chocolate and hazelnut cake. My friend had a mixed salad and the vegetarian spaetzle.

And even though the wine is not included in the prix fixe cost, you have some really fine choices to supplement your meal. The waitstaff is very knowledgeable and can recommend something nice.

Nov 05, 2007
everhopeful89 in Manhattan