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Brooklyn - French bistro recommendations

Check out Fanny along Graham Avenue in Williamsburg.

Feb 16, 2009
tupideville in Outer Boroughs

Williamsburg grocery shopping

Thanks for the great lists, as always. I went by the garage on Leonard, and the guy ducked into the walk-in fridge for my smoked mozz. It didn't taste that fresh. You think there's a possibility he sized me up for a sucker and pawned off an old one? And if so, any way around that? Also, you dont happen to know the name of that rotisserie chicken joint that trumps Pio Pio, do you?

Sep 10, 2008
tupideville in Outer Boroughs

New & Exciting in Key West

I'm headed down to Key West with my boyfriend next weekend, and am wondering if there's anything new on the radar down there. Already did a search and found a bunch of great older posts, so have that covered. Thanks in advance!

Mar 08, 2007
tupideville in Florida

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Hey - I'm heading down to Vieques, and am interested in finding some good food. Fancy, roadside, whatever - anyone have any suggestions?


hidden tahoe spots

Hounders. Heading to Lake Tahoe over Fourth of July weekend (I know, I know), and am dying to find some hidden treasures. I have read all of the posts on Tahoe below, but just thought I'd throw another feeler out there, just in case. Will be staying a day in the north as well, so if there's anything up there. Thanks...

Jun 28, 2006
tupideville in California