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Overwhelmed by Tokyo choices -- could use some help!

Thanks, Ninisix!

Before I saw your post, I've started narrowing down my choices (which I'll amend based on your suggestions!)

Sushi Daiwa (Tsukiji)
Uogashi Nihonichi Standing Sushi Bar, Shibuya

Ivan Ramen Plus
Ramen Museum
Harukiya (Wonton Ramen)

Still looking...

Still looking..


Still looking...

Takani Fruit

Kitsuneya Gyudon/Motsudon (Tsukiji)
Hokkaido Milk Bread
Gyoza Museum

Oct 17, 2012
SimbaLion in Japan

Overwhelmed by Tokyo choices -- could use some help!

Forgot to add Tsunahachi for tempura. Which branch should I be visiting?

Oct 15, 2012
SimbaLion in Japan

Overwhelmed by Tokyo choices -- could use some help!

Hi all,

Could use some advice from the experts. Have a trip to Tokyo early Nov for 4 days before heading to Osaka for three days.

I'm a bit lost in terms of how to approach looking for dining in Tokyo as there seems to be just SO MUCH of it.

I'd like to try a bunch of different budgeted places, extending up to about $30/pp for lunch and probably no more than $75/pp for dinner as only one or two of the meals. While I'd love to spend $300 for sushi, I will need to dream for now.

So far:

Tonkatsu: Maisen (lunch or dinner? is one better?)
Sushi: one of the Tsukiji Omakase places, would like more recommendations here!
Bakeries/Japanese specialties: ?
Pastries/Desserts: ?
Ramen: ?
Gyoza: Kameido
Snacks (Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki): ?
Yakitori: ?
Other dinner places??

I know this is vague, but I genuinely love Japanese cuisine and would just like to cover my bases with a bunch of choices.

Staying in Shinjuku area. Don't speak any Japanese.


Oct 15, 2012
SimbaLion in Japan