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Ready-made pizza dough ?

Use to make ours at home but Fratelli's is so good that we just go with theirs now:

ISO of stone bowls for bibimbap

This place in Chinatown has all sorts of great kitchen gear at great prices. The stone bowls go for under 20$ I think.

Andouille sausage in Vancouver/Victoria?

Stumbled across some in my area. Perfect as I've been meaning to make some gumbo after having recently moved to van. The spices were right, could have been smokier and was on the pricey side.

Kingsway Vietnamese ? was right before the construction kicked, just south of a shuttered CDN tire. To be honest, can't confirm the name. From my post-meal research it looks like the location has turned over businesses a few times already. But 2222 kingsway is the correct address. I mapped it. And it wasn't cafe xu hue, they closed on Wed.

I'm gonna try their crab (cua) noodle soup next time I'm the hood.

Kingsway Vietnamese ?

A happy accident yesterday. Had to drive to Collingwood community centre to pick up a lost phone, and on the way, starving, tried to stop off at Cafe Xu Hue to try their Bun Bo Hue. They were closed so I went next door to Mien Tay Cafe (2222 Kingsway). I was peeping the menu and the server recommended their Bon Bo Hue. I tried it and it was the best BBH I ever ate. The broth was balanced and clean (wasn't gooped up with BBH paste that you get in jars). The shank beef was super tender and instead of slices of viet mortadella, there was these light fluffy mortadella balls. Only gripe is the noodles were too soft, but those round rice noodles always tend to be soft. The blood cake was also spot on silky. A beaut of a bowl. Wish I had a photo.

ISO Korean chile powder

Oh man.. Thanks for the tip. Perfect weather for some soondubu!

Yuzu Juice in Vancouver?

Saw some at the Dirty Apron on Beatty, but probably priced in the upper register. Weird Fujiya doesn't have any.

newcomer seeking advice

Thanks Vanhounds for your contributions. The board has been very helpful these past few months for getting a gastronomic handle on my new home. Just wanted to throw some questions out there to see if the hive mind could help direct me to the right places. Just a note that I'm located around Commercial and rarely find myself making deep treks.

Where is a good place to get jerk marinade sauce? Not so many Caribbean grocers around and jerk-can chicken is fun to make with a can of ginger beer. Just wanted to note that the homemade jam patties at riddim&spice on commercial are wicked as are the papusas and fish tacos at Rinconcito.

Only been to Haiphong and Thai son (rip) for Viet. Neither has this sate noodle dish that I'm craving. It's served in a thick gravy stock of crushed peanuts, grilled and diced lemongrass and minced dried shrimp usually with ride noodle called hu tieu sate.

Any Sri Lankan recs? Hakka place? Chui chow place?

Curry beef brisket noodle soup (resembling Kau Kee in HK). Unavail at Congee Noodle House and too weak at Mui garden.

Only tip I have is the new Shanghai place downtown was really good :
And don't bother with the foie poutine at Wildebeest.

ISO Korean chile powder

Kim's Mart on Broadway is another option. Parking in the back alley and homemade tofu (unfortunately of the dense variety)