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Buying great olive oil

I have discovered a source of extraordinary olive oil on the Danforth:

Uzel Olive
"the best olives in the world"
974 Danforth Ave.
Toronto ON
M4J 1L9
647 477 3170

They claim the gemlike black olives are grown without pesticides or chemicals. The oil not a heavy and cloudy; instead, it is fresh, herbaceous, and delicious. Not cheap, but not prohibitively expensive. A gallon costs about $70. (They sell smaller quantities.


They also sell sumptuous olives, fresh tapenade, olive oil soap, Turkish jams, Turkish honey, and spices. In the winter months, I buy dried figs from the recent harvest.

Best Masala Dosa in Toronto?

I vividly remember the place on Ashdale across from the library. I believe it was called the Madras Express. It was run by a couple (the man with salt-and-pepper hair, and a woman I can no longer visualize). Yes, they burnished the stainless steel grills with potato half!

The menu was limited; a few types of dosas, a few drinks (mango shakes, lassis, soft drinks), and little else. But the paucity of offerings did not matter: I craved the dosas, which were better than ones I had had in India, and was a frequent visitor between 1987 or 1988 until it closed circa 2002. I used to live at Avenue Road and Davenport, and at least once, walked there and back just to have a dosa.

Summer and autumn were the best seasons to go because they had an outdoor patio. There were a few seats inside the restaurant, but I preferred to sit outside at the picnic tables. The dosas were brought out on large white foam plates, with a foam cup of fluorescent orange dal, and a smear of homemade coconut sambar flecked with black mustard seeds.

I once told the man his dosas were my comfort food. He seemed surprised, and touched.