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Brunch in Kansas City?

this was a while ago... but since i'm researching the subject now... i thought i'd chime in.
i'm on a mission to review/taste the best brunches in KC right now.

def disappointed in Avenues Bistro in Brookside!

We LOVE Figlio's. That place is the best by far! I love the Vineyards in Weston, MO. I used to waitress there and the food is delicious!

I'm looking for buffets to be able to try multiple menu items and appease my dad... :) So, here's my list (i'd definitely appreciate any feedback or suggestions):

Webster House is this next Sunday. Yum! I've never been but I've heard great things!

Grand St Cafe (i'm disappointed tremendously that on the dinner menu they changed their classic House Chop... :( that was my favorite! but i'll give their brunch a shot)
Michael Forbes Bar & Grille
The Bristol
Lidia's (i love Lidia's! so very much but i've never been to their brunch... it's pricey... but i'm sure the quality is worth it)
Teller's (lawrence, i love this restaurant at dinner... i can only imagine how much i'll love the brunch)
Room 39 (leawood)

non-buffet style:
Succatash (i love this place but haven't been for brunch)
You Say Tomato (i love this place but haven't been for brunch)
The Fig Tree (lee's summit)
Blue Bird Bistro

Any other suggestions on delicious buffet's would be appreciated!

Oct 14, 2012
tashinacross in Great Plains