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One lunch in Bologna next week (6/12)

So next week, my wife and I are in Bologna for most of a day on our way to Florence. We wanted to enjoy a traditional lunch, particularly the pasta. I think we have it narrowed down to Trattoria Via Serra or All'Osteria Bottega. Via Serra would probably be our first choice but it's out of the center a bit and we'll likely lose ~1hr or our limited time in Bologna compared to eating at Bottega. Since the info online for Bologna is kinda thin compared to Florence and other cities, I was hoping for some guidance. We are open to other spots too if we've missed something.

Also, any suggestions for gelato (probably can hit 2 that day) or other food spots would be most welcome. Thanks so much.

Jun 04, 2015
willgordon in Italy

Vienna Guidance...calling Sturmi & Co :)

Thanks for all the info. We went to Steirereck and loved it. We've also become regulars at Amerling Beisl and Boheme, both right around the corner from our apt and with great food at remarkable low prices.

I have to say that we are really enjoying Vienna and its food in particular. I'll be sure to post more as we get further into our stay. Thanks again.

Jan 06, 2013
willgordon in Europe

Vienna Guidance...calling Sturmi & Co :)

First, the wealth of information on Vienna here is fantastic. And much of it seems to come from Sturmi. So thank you for everything you've already posted.

I just arrived in Vienna with my wife and 2yr old daughter. We are from NYC and are traveling in Europe for 6 months. We are in Vienna till 17 Jan and staying at Burggasse 21. There are so many more interesting choices than we could fit in, I was hoping for suggestions to narrow things down a bit.

My daughter is great in restaurants (including very high end) and is usually good for around 2+ hours. Lunches are easier (bedtime eventually cuts dinners short) and we love all food (doesn't have to be fancy or high end, just good).

We have a babysitter for only one day and used the opportunity for a longer meal to make a reservation at Steirereck. We know we need to visit Demel at least once (both my ladies are major sweet tooths).

We love food markets, so we will head to the Naschmarkt. Any particular stalls/restaurants/other items not to be missed there? Are there other markets we should visit?

Any spots near where we are staying that we should check out? Glacis Beisl is nearby and got good reviews on Yelp.

Thanks so much in advance for any guidance. We are very excited to be here and enjoy Vienna.

Dec 30, 2012
willgordon in Europe