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REVIEW (w/foodie porn flix and pix!): Lucky Devils - Devilishly Delicious!

I was so impressed with Lucky Devils burger. I went to Hungry Cat for the Pug burger and could not have been more disappointed. The LD burger is my favorite in LA now and the bun was so amazing it sealed it for me. Great review.

Feb 05, 2008
Dirtywater in Los Angeles Area

Crab Cakes... Where To Find The Best In L.A.?

Hello fellow L.A. Chowhounders!

I am a new poster, but I read the boards every day and I really appreciate and value your opinions. I work with a girl from Maryland who loves (obviously) crab cakes, and is a crab cake snob of sorts. She swears there are no good crab cakes in L.A., and I am determined to prove her wrong since I love them as well and have had a craving for them.

So, I'd love to hear any suggestions of where to find a good Maryland crab cake in the Los Angeles area.

Thanks in advance!


Feb 05, 2008
Dirtywater in Los Angeles Area