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Cheesecake in the East Bay?

Where is the best place to get cheesecake in the East Bay?

...thinking of mead & cheesecake for Winter Solistice.

Thanks and Celebrate Solistice !!!

Old cheesecake bakery in Oakland on Foothill by Fruitvale

Ahhh, it was Dorfer's Vienna Cheesecakes

Old cheesecake bakery in Oakland on Foothill by Fruitvale

My uncle was friends with the baker of one of the best cheesecakes that I've ever tasted. The shop was on Foothill Blvd just north of Fruitvale. Hopefully there's an hounder that's old enough to remember this shop and can tell me his name.

Ginger cookie taste-off: La Farine vs. Bakesale Betty

Another nice ginger cookie is the ginger shortbread cookie from the Cheeseboard.
(only baked on Tuesdays)

Where to Find Dog Cookies (for Human Consumption) for Wedding Favors?

Bette's on 4th Street in Berkelely, sells little dog cookies.

Cane Sugar Coke at Costco SF

I went to the Richmond Costco this afternoon and bought 2 flats of Mexican cokes for $17.89 a flat. Looked like there was about the equivalent of a pallet remaining. Hopefully more in the back. If they have success maybe they'll place a regular order with their supplier. Another helpful action for those who'd like to see these stocked regularly is to fill out a request form.

Cane Sugar Coke at Costco SF

YEAH! As my user name implies, I love cola! One thing that I like about Jolt cola is the fact that it's a sugar cola and NOT HFC which I consider leaves an unpleasant after feel/taste in the mouth. This has been described by others in their responses. Mexican cokes are readily available by the bottle on 4th Street in Berkeley. I hope that the Richmond Costco has them, I'll go today and report my findings. Costco offers the ability to leave requests/comments/questions. If you want to see it stocked - let `em know! As to whether US soda makers will offer sugar sodas, it doesn't seem likely due to the $$ factor. HFC is cost-effective for the coporations.

Sanmi on Geary/Parker - old Sanppo and Miki owner out of retirement

Just wanted to post to say that our family dinner of sansei, yonsei, gosei, plus our Chilean guest, ate recently at Sanmi and had a rockin' good time. The food was excellent and the service attentive. (We even got to park w/i a half-block of the front door on Geary!) We had tempura, gyoza, deep fried octopus, salmon, scallops and Yoshi sushi (chosen for sentimental reasons - I wouldn't eat this again). One odd slip was that we ordered "deep-fried" California roll, out of curiosity, but this never made it to our table. When pointed out at check-time, we were not charged.

John Hagen's Tavern on Braddock Heights Road?

Thanks for the update, Finicky!

ICI, at last ... ICI, at last ... Sunday, ICI, at last

I miss the plaid tam o'shanters and mango ice cream. I want chocolate dip like they used to have. Has any one here ever had the McCallum's SINK?

Looking for a Company Party Site....

The kind that's extra cool, extremely economical, either will allow us to bring in our own caterer or supplies tasty bits at a good price. This would be needed for December 8th. In Berkeley would be best but for the "right" place could consider E'ville, Albany, etc... ~HELP~

John Hagen's Tavern on Braddock Heights Road?

Thanks, hhdilks, sounds intriguing. I wonder if the quality remains as you experienced it....?

John Hagen's Tavern on Braddock Heights Road?

Thanks for the link, Shunick!

John Hagen's Tavern on Braddock Heights Road?

Is the food here good? What type of food?

Help me load my Garmin - detour worthy chow spots on the Peninsula!

San Jose Tofu Co, 175 Jackson St, SJ CA 95112, 408-292-7026. Around the corner at 535 N 5th St, is the Japanese American Museum of San Jose, small but interesting and free. How well does Garmin handle 1-Way streets?

Museum link:

Canning supplies in SF?

Are you seeking a one piece metal top like that on top of the glass jars of spaghetti sauce? I looked around for this type of lid a couple of years back and could never find any made by Ball or Kerr. I just looked online at and they didn't list any single piece canning lids, except some plastic screw-on ones. link:

Good luck in your search and if you find them, please, post where!

Technivorm coffee maker

Robert, You've probably noted that Sweet Maria's has recently moved to Oakland from Ohio (I think that's where they were). I found them to be a small, friendly, helpful group of folks and I was able to just park in the driveway of their small warehouse. They are truly passionate about coffee. That said, perhaps they have Technivormn brewed coffee for tasting at the office/warehouse. You can call them at: 510.628.0919

Aug 27, 2006
joltgrrl in Cookware

Favorite Kitchen Utensil....What's Your Fav that You Can't Do Without??

A nice gift is a quality stockpot. Something like an 8 quart Calphalon pot which can be used to properly boil pasta, brown meats without spattering all over the stove, make a big pot of stew or soup, deep fry, cook artichokes, can fruits, etc.... Also, it is not something someone stocking a new kitchen usually buys on the first round. Something smaller? If the person likes good coffee, I'd buy a french press. Less expensive? The Microplane grater mentioned above, the Oxo potato peeler (I have arthritis & find the handle comfortable), again, like above, a cutting board - plastic so it can be disinfected with boiling water (my numerous maple ones now usually serve as trivets) ... or, maybe, one those thin plastic ones that can fold and be used like a funnel to pour chopped items. Small kitchen items will make a super gift basket in something clever that can become a utensil holder.

Aug 25, 2006
joltgrrl in Cookware

Rice Cookers

One thing to consider with a new rice cooker is: do you want a teflon-lined cooker, or not. I did not want teflon and recently bought a Sanyo (to replace my old rice cooker which died after a mere ±20 years). It has been doing just great!

Aug 21, 2006
joltgrrl in Cookware


Yes!!! to Acme suggestions of ham & cheese croissant and an apple tart at Acme (on San Pablo & Cedar), but at Fanny's have a mocha (not listed on the board but they make the BEST mochas, because they make hot chocolate and drop the espresso in to it rather than melting chocolate in the coffee and adding milk to that mixture).

frim fram sauce???

I, too, want "frim-fram sauce!"
Figure it'd be a sugar cinnamon sauce to pour over apple pie.

Aug 20, 2006
joltgrrl in Home Cooking

Vegetables that cannot (or at least should not) be eaten raw?

Quince, although it makes a wonderful jelly, is yucky without being cooked.

Ahhhh, rhubarb pie! Wonder if Fanny's has rhubarb/strawberry cobbler or rhubarb/strawberry muffins this morning?

Wikipedia on oxalic acid:

Aug 19, 2006
joltgrrl in General Topics

You know you're a Chowhound when....

When you read ALL 186 (and counting) responses to this post ;)

Aug 18, 2006
joltgrrl in Not About Food

Eating krill

I've eaten krill before in a bento lunch and if I can help it I'll never eat it (them?), again. It was what I imagine eating bugs would be like. Crunchy (not an appealing "mouth") - they were cooked in something like a teriyaki sauce, but ~even that~ didn't save them.... like you'd think newly-born shrimp might be like.

Do any cultures eat owl?

My Vietnamese friend says that at the end of the rice harvest in the Mekong delta, folks eat (I think deep-fried) the rice-fatten rats. She says that she could never get to eating rat, though....

Aug 16, 2006
joltgrrl in General Topics

Favorite on-line direct order Coffee?

There's always Blue Bottle:


Aug 11, 2006
joltgrrl in General Topics

Berkeley -- good coffee, WiFi and good parking?

I prefer not to take a Safeway space when I'm not shopping there, and I can only go on the weekends, so I guess I'm just DOOMED... ;)

Oh well, I'll just have to spend millions driving around & around & around looking for the fabled parking spot that's ~really~ close!

Berkeley -- good coffee, WiFi and good parking?

I consider the parking around Cole Coffee atrocious. (I don't think they have WiFi, but am not positive. However, their coffee is quite good - they make French Press with whatever freshly ground bean you choose.) The area of College & Claremont is very busy with LaFarine's original location (, Yasai Market, Safeway, VerBrugge Meats, etc. If you are interested in buying green coffee and roasting your own, Sweet Maria's ( has moved to the bay area from Ohio and are great folks, very knowledgeable about coffee. You can go to their warehouse/office and pickup your order, thereby saving on shipping. Checkout their site, they sell coffee accoutrement, as well as beans.

Best place to get FRESH eggs?

After posting about duck eggs on the general board, I realize that I'm increasingly unhappy with the lack of freshness in the eggs that I buy. I did grow up with chickens lovingly raised by my grandfather, so perhaps I want more from an egg? I currently buy at Berkeley Bowl and Farmer's Markets. I prefer eggs from non-caged chickens. Also, would like eggs with yellow/orangey yolks showing that the hens are getting their dark green veggies. Fertilized or not, not important to me.... perhaps I'm even squeamish about thinking that I'm eating potential chicks?

Duck eggs?

Thanks, Morton, Where would you recommend for fresh chicken eggs?

Aug 01, 2006
joltgrrl in General Topics