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Salted Caramel Frosting

I made this buttercream lastnight and it wasnt what I expected. I will just make my swiss meringe buttercream then add the caramel.

I will be making a batch of this tonight so im looking forward to it. Only thing I will be changing is the water and sugar in the pot. As a pastry chef, we learned to make caramel with leon and sugar not water, it intensifies the caramel taste and texture, we rub the 2tspvlemon juice into the sugar and the end look should resemble sand, then allow it to cook until it starts to puff smoke then slowly stir the caramel until it is amber colored, the darker the caramel, the stronger the taste!! So that is important to know when making anything with caramel. I might come back and comment after I make it just to give my opinions, but thank u for the recipe!

Oct 13, 2012
Sweetlife17 in Recipes