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Food confessions you'd rather not make.?

I used to eat (in highschool) a marshmallow, on saltine crackers, with sardines (packed in olive iil). You had to put the sardine on top, and the marshmallow in the middle.

I love a good anchovy pizza (thinnest of crusts)

Peanut butter, banana, marshmallow fluff and honey on wonder bread

Dry oatmeal and white sugar mixed together in a bowl, eaten dry

Malt powder! Mmm

And as far as fast food goes, Popeye's mashed potatoes and gravy at least once a year, taco bell bean burritos if I am out late drinking, and mcdonald's breakfast burritos if I am in a rush, never more often than once every month or two

Oct 13, 2012
BCall2 in General Topics

How do you dress up your Kraft mac & cheese?

I know I shouldn't eat it, but about once or twice a month if I'm in a hurry, I make the classic with half the butter, cook with the noodles (added halfway through):
half a bag of frozen peas and pearl onions
Drain, add a can of tuna, and a good tablespook of sambal olek chili paste (ESSENTIAL), and if I want to spend a bit more time, I add a bit of shredded fontina or pepperjack :)

Oct 13, 2012
BCall2 in Home Cooking