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Best Pho in SF?

Turtle Towers in the Loin? I've heard it is good

Best bites of 2012

Potato Salad-Benu
Chicken Tartare-Ippuku
Green Garlic and Burrata Fried Bread-State Bird Prov.
Anchovy Pizza-Gioia SF
Chicken and yolk confit w/ morels and dashi-Manresa

Octopus w/ Black Garlic-Le Bernadin, NYC
Fresh Tofu w/ Ginger and Chrysanthemum Syrup-Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Crab Spawn Soup Dumplings-Luk Yu, Hong Kong
Honey and hay semifreddo w/ strawberries-Blackbird

Favorite Fictional Bars and Restaurants ?

The Regal Beagle from Three's Company and Moe's from The Simpson's

Feb 14, 2013
vealcheek in Food Media & News

Best Pho in SF?

Looking for great pho in SF. Suggestions, please!

Best Dim Sum In SF

Yank Sing certainly gets a bad rap. We eat there frequently and there is always a large proportion of Chinese diners, especially larger parties. Plus the owners are from Hong Kong. Would love to see a bit more variety, but have always had great dim sum there. Yet to make it to Koi Palace, which has a strong reputation.

Used Restaurant Equipment?

Check out Economy on Irwin St in SF. If you are in the business, they should extend you a discount on purchases. As the other poster stated, they also carry used stuff in the back.
Commercial sinks dedicated to warewashing/pots are typically 3 bay, while a prep sink can be a single or double bay unit, FYI...