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9 of the Most Underrated Dishes at Japanese Restaurants

How are any of these "underrated"? Unknown? Uncommon? Unique? Yes to all- not underrated. Learn what words mean.

Dec 28, 2014
plateofshrimp in Features

YES! Tropical Hot (not Hut!), Calgary- real Trinidadian!!

It barely lasted a year. Organettes and Roti Hut exist but Organettes has wonky hours and Roti Hut has terrible reviews (but it is literally the only place in Calgary to get doubles). Jamaican places almost all have roti on the menu but really your best bet is to get on a plane and fly to Winnipeg for Deen's. The whole West Indian scene in western Canada is terrible- I suspect Edmonton is a little better but haven't tried it.

Bakeries in Calgary?

Cobs is a terrible chain- it's not part of "Calgary's bread scene" any more than it's part of Vancouver's or any city it has infected with its vile products. The artisanal breads are Safeway are better than Cobs and I mean MUCH better. Meanwhile ACE is at every Co-op, not just Superstore. Cobs? Life is too short for it.

It's "Aviv" Fried, and his stuff (as Sidewalk Citizen Bakery) is sold at many outlets including Janice Beaton Fine Cheese and at a standalone bakery inside Sunnyside Market as well of course at his storefront on 1A St SW north of Chinook Centre.

Other outstanding breads to inspire you are at Rustic Sourdough, Yann's, Manuel Latruwe, Itza Bakeshop, Urban Grainz... things have improved hugely in Calgary the last few years, not just for bread but for pastries and more. Yann's has the single best almond croissant I've ever tasted, and in Crossroads maybe skip the bread but pick up some of the macarons at Michelle's and pray your heart doesn't stop beating when you bite into them and go into shock. Amazing.

Best Calgary restaurants?

Well you're not forced to order the Mexican roll... I'd recommend Shigatsu also though that's a bit out of the way if you're staying in the core (4 St NW up by the cemetery- it's not a suburban hellhole but there are many many more options more central, I just mention it because it seems to be what you're asking about).

Best Calgary restaurants?

No izakaya should have nigiri at all, if you're a purist. At any rate, Carino is Japanese-Italian fusion, not even close to an izakaya but also not close to traditionalist... which an izakaya is actually.

My fave sushi place in Calgary these days is Red Ember on 14 St NW north of Kensington Rd. But there are scores of other options.

Authentic Greek Yogurt

I actually think that in the 6 years since this thread started we've been embarrassed by riches with regard to greek yogurt in Canada, including Calgary. I've had a lot of Fage in the states but I don't think it's one iota better than any of Oikos or Liberte or President's Choice- I prefer the 2% Oikos to the fat free but it's on every grocery store shelf now, good times :) Full-fat Astro Greek (not Balkan- their newer "Greek") is shatteringly amazing but it's also something like 11% fat so it had better be. Their vanilla is ridiculous, one of the best yogurts I've ever tasted.

5-7 days in Alberta

Menyatai has IMO better ramen than Muku.

Two more new ramen places opening soon, one in Scotia Centre and one in Bridgeland. Calgary has caught up. Also catching up in terms of Taiwanese places, which are popping up all over the place, and Korean fried chicken- Olive is opening a second location, replacing Giant Hamburgers, adding to its first, WOW Chicken in Kensington, and that place up north (that I know of, there might be more). Great city we have exploding with new ethnic options.

YYC Mayland Heights lunch spots?

Welcome back!

You're not too far from White Elephant- amazing Thai, but don't even bother going without a reservation (including for lunch).


Yep, and I like eating food out of cans :)

YYC - Matzo

Every supermarket has matzo crackers and matzo meal.

Worth stopping at TEATRO en route to Banff Springs for a quick wine lunch?

Okay that's fair. Be safe.

UBU closed

(403) 265-6440, call and check.

Worth stopping at TEATRO en route to Banff Springs for a quick wine lunch?

Calgary's airport is as big and busy as is yours in Montreal- in fact it's projected to be busier than Montreal's (in terms of pax volume) in 2014. We don't have as much transatlantic traffic, but if you're expecting North Battleford, don't. It's a big city airport with big city congestion and you will absolutely not get downtown from a 12:15 touchdown in 30 minutes. IMPOSSIBLE. You should not plan any reso for earlier than 1:15.

That said, of course Calgary is worth a visit; it's worth a couple of days. Too many tourists head straight to Banff and that's really unfortunate; Calgary is Canada's urban future and in addition to having a fantastic, vibrant city centre (especially in light of the fact that Montreal, for example, had a head start of almost two centuries) it has great dining options.

Have lunch and head out to Banff Springs. I don't get why the urgency to get there by 4pm but you really have to give the city a chance.

Wa's Japanese Restaurant - Closed?

That sounds pretty definitive. I never got to try it :(

Anywhere in Calgary I can get gourmet/homemade marshmallows?

KRUSE'S BAKERY at Kingsland Farmers' Market has handmade marshmallow! The one I sampled has a little nutmeg- not my thing but certainly better than bagged.



BTW as a fermented product does any natto ever have preservatives??

Papa John's... Is it a cultural thing?

I grew up in the US Midwest, near Chicago, and it's strange: There are some of the most fantastic indie and small chain pizza places imaginable and then there are CHAINS like you would not believe. A strip mall in a depressed suburb (like Calumet City) will have some ghetto mobility store like Boost or Cricket, a check cashing store, dollar plus and guaranteed a Domino's. In cities like Gary the only extant businesses are Church's Chicken and Domino's (or Papa John's). Chain pizza is all a lot of people know- I'm not exaggerating. I actually find the pizza situation in Calgary better because if you ignore the 2-for-1 dross and garbage like Pizza 73 (Nova, Pizza Pizza etc in other parts of Canada) you actually will find a lot more choice and some decent family-run options instead of Dominos ad nauseum.

Nov 21, 2013
plateofshrimp in Chains

Cheap Eats Near Regency Suite Hotel - Downtown Calgary

Banzai near 4th and 4th- excellent order-at-the-counter Japanese- rice bowls and sushi.

Downtown Calgary Lunch Map - Within Walking Distance

Sorry. I'm just so happy to see this robo parkade built, genuinely cool and great for downtown. I have my food loves too and get the sadness. If Jackie's Thai has to close when they redevelop Eau Claire I might have to stand before the wrecking ball.

"Live" sauerkraut in Calgary?

Olive Chicken is amazing but there's (or soon will be) another Korean fried chicken place opening, in Kensington- WOW Chicken.

Do not make the mistake of buying sauerkraut from the Hutterites at Crossroads. Asked if it was pasteurised- no, they say. What they didn't say is that the cabbage is COOKED. Probiotic value destroyed. I'm sticking with Kessels which is an amazing product.

4 carnivores and a vegetarian

January like River Café? Regardless I never noticed that Boxwood closed, ever. And they certainly aren't closed for ALL the winter so please don't imply that.

4 carnivores and a vegetarian

Every decent resto will have something for vegetarians- a better q is places to avoid.

I just saw that Muse is going to offer a vegetarian tasting menu, which I'd like to try- because anybody can eat vegetarian.

"Live" sauerkraut in Calgary?

Any Korean or Asian market- there is probably a hundred or more places in Calgary that sell it. Kimchee just means "pickle" in Korean and there are many kinds- a good option is to find something among the banchan (side dishes) at a Korean resto you like and then find it at a market. Be forewarned that it is very much an acquired taste.

Downtown Calgary Lunch Map - Within Walking Distance

It's a parkade, not a parking lot, and it will hopefully help to develop the most derelict block in the entire downtown. There are hundreds of donair places in Calgary, I mean, please.

"Live" sauerkraut in Calgary?

Yep- like kimchee, one of the healthiest things to put in your bod.

Trip To Calgary, First time to Canada

Una is a great 17th Avenue experience and is emblematic of how urbane Calgary has become- maybe the food isn't typical of Calgary (whatever that means for a new young city) but it's a nice example of where the city is going and what it's growing up to be.

Trip To Calgary, First time to Canada

Not enough. Most Americans have never come close to grass fed (never mind finished!) beef. The very fact that they've made "corn fed" an advertising slogan as if the environmental and biological nightmare that corn is for ruminants is, is a good thing, all you need to know- and it's also what Americans think of as beef.

Trip To Calgary, First time to Canada

I don't like the poutine at Big Cheese- fries are always burnt or raw and they use way too much gravy. I've tried Smoke's and it's fantastic, in fact I got plain fries (no gravy no curds) from their truck and they were excellent. There are other good options too.

Trip To Calgary, First time to Canada

Caesar's is just depressing. You can get Allberta beef all over Canada- what this guy wants is something CALGARY and the only place I can think that merits a special visit on your list is Charcut.

You have to understand that Americans used to soft, mushy corn fed beef are not going to be impressed by Alberta beef.

Trip To Calgary, First time to Canada

In Calgary, I'd say River Café.