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Looking for recommendations for Singapore and Bangkok

Hey there!

My boyfriend and I will be traveling to SEA for the first time this December and are looking for some solid recommendations for Singapore and Bangkok - the first and last stops on our trip.

Ideally, we'd like to experience a mix of street food and a few upscale places during our trip. We try to "eat local" when we can, but we know that it would be a shame to miss a killer French restaurant in Bangkok just to stick to some arbitrary principle.

The food doesn't have to be fancy (even if it is expensive), just fresh and lovingly prepared. As our trip is more than a couple of days and our budget limited, please feel free to leave out the super-duper expensive places (I'd say around $100 USD per person should be the limit).

We'll be in Bangkok over New Year's, so if anyone has an extravagant recommendation (forget my price limit) for that night, please let me know!

Oh, and if anyone can recommend a cooking course in Bangkok, that would be awesome!

Thanks in advance!

Berlin: anything new I should try in Mitte?

Wonderful! Glad to hear you enjoyed Lokal and Katz Orange! I can't wait to try more of the cocktails at Katz Orange.

@linguafood: I agree that 3 minutes is not nearly as pretentious as Bandol and they do serve a decent á la carte breakfast on the weekend until 4pm! (I'm sick of all the brunch buffets) ...and they do a mean croque madame :) Still, the one dinner I had there was...well...lacking.

Pauly Saal is such a disappointment. Really a shame... The deli in the same building is not bad, but I've had much better (and cheaper) reubens in the states at some little, smoky hole-in-the-wall place!

Oct 21, 2012
schmerj in Europe

Berlin: anything new I should try in Mitte?

Just went to Katz Orange for the first time last night and it was fantastic!! (And so much better than Maxwell's in my opinion). I was underwhelmed by 3 minutes, although I had high hopes...

Oct 20, 2012
schmerj in Europe

Berlin: anything new I should try in Mitte?

Go to Lokal in the Linienstraße if you haven't been yet...fabulous (local) food, solid wines and great service.
Kopps also has a very good vegan brunch (not usually my thing, but I found this brunch to be much more interesting than most of the other Mitte/P'Berg places).

Oct 13, 2012
schmerj in Europe

Visiting Berlin Oct. 18th-recommendations please?

I can also recommend Mitterhofer - not fancy, but great food. Renger-Patzsch has a wonderfully priced prix fixe menu, although the food hardly blew me out o the water.

I do enjoy Noto, although I find it somewhat overpriced compared to other restaurants in the area. I'd go to Lokal (Linienstraße) instead - it's my absolute favorite restaurant in Berlin right now. Small menu, regional dishes, local ingredients, great wines.

Oct 13, 2012
schmerj in Europe