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ISO: stomach

Hi all,

Does anyone know where we can find some beef or lamb stomach? Not sure if it's the right term in English - "panse" is what we're looking for. We didn't find any at Boucherie Lawrence or the standard supermarkets.


Montreal/Quebec City for Vegetarians

Byblos comes highly recommended by my vegetarian sister-in-law, particularly for breakfast / brunch.

Korean Rice Cakes in Montreal?

They serve ok tteokbokki at Atti on University. But don't get your hopes up, Korean food isn't all that great in Montreal, although it seems to be improving.

Sushi, not too expensive.

We always had good sushi at Furusato (previously known as Osaka) on Bleury. Not expensive.

(Yet another) 42 Hours in Montreal... What would you choose?

Drinks at Pullman are always nice and it's conveniently located.
I would suggest Les 400 Coups for Friday night if Le P'tit Plateau doesn't work for you. Or Joe Beef, but that place is booked for the next 27 years.

Cheval or Beef Tartare Tonight?

Marché 27 makes pretty good tartares. They have a location right on Phillips Square but I prefer the one on Price Arthur.

Best Montreal Restaurant For Lamb?

The tandoori lamb tapa at Biarritz is pretty awesome - just like the rest of the menu.