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Help me, cheese detectives! What is the cheese featured in Heidi?

Thanks everyone! I always figured it wasn't raclette since raclette is usually melted on a big griddle type of thing (or on a rock next to the fire) but if cheddar on a stick works maybe I'll just stick a piece of raclette on a stick and see what happens!

Oct 13, 2012
sothisb in Cheese

Help me, cheese detectives! What is the cheese featured in Heidi?

I am trying to figure out what kind of cheese is in Heidi (yes, that old book/movie about that Swiss orphan girl).

In the story, they put pieces of this cheese on sticks and roast it over the fire. You can see a glimpse of it in this clip (just after 3:25):

Or, the quote from the book is: "meanwhile the old man held a large piece of cheese on a long iron fork over the fire, turning it round and round till it was toasted a nice golden yellow color on each side ... the old man filled her bowl again to the brim and set it before the child, who was now hungrily beginning her bread having first spread it with the cheese, which after being toasted was soft as butter"

If it helps, the book takes place on a goat farm in the Swiss alps, so it seems likely that it`s some kind of Swiss goats cheese, but there are no specifics in the book so it could potentially be any kind of cheese.

I`ve googled this so many times, but no luck! Im in Switzerland for the next two months though and I would really love to try it. I loved Heidi when I was little and I`ve been sort of weirdly obsessed with this idea of roasted cheese ever since.

Any guesses appreciated!

Oct 12, 2012
sothisb in Cheese