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Travail in Robbinsdale

The heat thing should be fixed this week according to their Facebook page.

All you can eat buffet by Mall of America

There has always been an AYCE option at Khan's and it has a full liquor license which I view as a plus.

All you can eat buffet by Mall of America

Khan's Mongolian BBQ is AYCE and near the MOA, if you want a different take on AYCE.

Khan's Mongolian BBQ
500 E 78th St
Minneapolis, MN 55423
(612) 861-7991

Parish Pierogi in Northeast Minneapolis?

It is still being done. I saw a sign for it in the last 2 weeks when I was driving along University.

I can't remember the church.

msp - whoopie pies

Unfortunately finding Whoopie Pies of any flavor, in independent bakeries in this town is next to impossible. I have given up, and either make my own or stuff my suitcase full of them when I come back from Maine.

MSP: L'Ecosse

We were there on Sunday of opening weekend. I knew something new was going in there solely because the pupradelle needed flea goop and heartworm pills.

The food was great. The service was ...frustrating. However that being said we talked to the FOH while we were there. Turns out they expected to open the place as a 'Grab and order from the counter' , no realizing that they would get slammed during brunch in such a way that that model wasn't practical especially when the neighborhood expected it to be a sitdown place with servers.

As a result the first weekend the servers had little training, were relatives friends of relatives etc. The did however give us grapes to eat as we wait and food more than placated us.

We need to go back as we are sure the service has resolved itself. We would have gone on Easter but they looked packed so we ended up at Levain instead.

I'm honestly thrilled that something good is filling that space, it's been about 5 years by my reckoning that we went to that location with any regularity.

Pairing Food with Music

I could see that giving an odd mix.

Pairing Food with Music

Pizzicato 5

A Japanese band who are probably best known for their song 'Twiggy Twiggy vs James Bond'

Bradstreet Craftshouse (MSP)

This sounds positive.
Did you get a chance to try anything with grenadine in it? This seems like as good a shot as any for a non homemade El Presidentes in this city.

MSP - Where to buy venison?

There are a few websites. I've never purchased venison, for similar reasons, so I have no idea about quality.

However, one could consider calling places like Craftsman and asking which farm they buy theirs from.

Nominate: Best Pizza in Minneapolis-StPaul (if you say Dominos, you are banned from chowhound 4 good)

Hmm. I thought Bill's closed and didn't reopen when MNDOT redid the interchange of HI 19 and HI 3.

MSP - Chef's Table in Kitchen

Looks like Heidi's has a new website and now a chef's table.

What is your "test kitchen" process for new recipes?

A member of the household works a a college. All baked good trails are sent to work with them.

This not only reduces temptation at home but it also means nothing goes to waste.

Anything worthy in South Bend, IN?

That is probably City-Wide Liquor ( ).

We always hit CWL when we are there.

Dec 31, 2008
frittering_away in Great Lakes

songs referencing food: your playlist

It just occured to me that this might count, but I might be stretching

'Truck Got Stuck' by Corb Lund -->"We put what timber we had underneath the wheels and we was all out of sand but managed to steal two sacks of the best modern
Canola seed you ever did see, that oughta give us some traction."

Is there anything bacon DOESN'T go with?

I've only had that pairing once, in a quiche. I couldn't get far enough past the eggnog flavor in my quiche to analyze the interplay of the eggnog with the bacon.

Is there anything bacon DOESN'T go with?

Do you mean rauchbier?(


I've only had one once. It tasted like bacon. But as it was Bell's 5000 batch I assumed it was just the brewer being a mad genius again.

MSP: Best of the Best

I'd add Heidi's to the list but make a reservation.

If you want something you can't get in NYC consider going to Moto-i. It's the only sake brewpub outside of Japan and the food is pan-asian not sushi.

songs referencing food: your playlist

crap you are right.n
I'll have to hand in my Metal Card.

Wait. I lost it years ago...never mind. ;)

I mostly intentionally avoided the liquor aspect of song as it seemed way to easy.

songs referencing food: your playlist

Baloney Again -Mark Knopfler ( a song about spreading The Word in the segregated south).
Old Pigweed -Mark Knopfler (asking the important question 'Who put old pigweed in the Mulligan stew?)
Boom Like That -Mark Knopfler (an entire song about Ray Kroc)
Three Icons of Alabama- Drive by Truckers (Talks about how the devil makes up a batch of Sweet Tea for Gov. George Wallace as he enters Hell which leads into the song Gov. Wallace (which is about Gov. Wallace and Hell.))
I Wish You Were a Beer -Psycho Sluts from Hell

Jfood visits Cafe Levain (MSP) - Great Short Rib

How odd. Typically we don't remember to go to Levain despite it's proximity,so I can't say that I remember if the bread was off.

I know that it has never seemed off to me at other places restaurants, like Heidi's, so I'm curious how they manage to less than fresh bread when the bakery is right next door.

Jfood visits Cafe Levain (MSP) - Great Short Rib

In a word, yes.
We end up having to export at least a dozen chocolate Croissants to DH's friends in Indiana every time we go or face a mutiny upon our arrival.

I'm not fond of their cupcakes, something about the icing bugs me. The pumpkin bars however are very tasty.

Jfood visits Cafe Levain (MSP) - Great Short Rib

I find it interesting that you found the bread at Levain problematic. The bread comes from Turtle Bread Company and in my experience is always solid. So unless their head baker left, and given her inclusion on the team the US sent to Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie,i assume that the owner would want to keep her and that we would assume would have heard about her departure in the papers somewhere or maybe from Dara M-G's blog or some such.

Food that makes you particularly sad?

Ahh Pats. How I miss it. The DH doesn't get it.... ah well his loss.

MSP - Chef's Table in Kitchen

Their corkage fee, generally, is applied every night but Thursday. Thursday night is free corkage.

My husband handled the money the last time we did the 'Feed us till we are rolling out the door' at the Chef's table. He remembers it being between 200-250 for 2 people inclusive of wine.

We also did this with a couple who doesn't normally go out to dinner due to her allergy issues. Lisa (Scot was Outstanding in the Field that night) and the rest of the kitchen were excellent sending out dishes for her when ours would have been problematic. A printed list of allergies was of course provided for the kitchen to assist.

MSP - Chef's Table in Kitchen

It could be Corner Table. Did you actually see the inside of the kitchen during the clip?

El Presidente in MSP or Hunting old cocktails....

Well that at least sounds promising. Thanks for the update.

We were standing in South Lyndale liquors last saturday when I decided to break down and call ES to see what specific liquor they put in an EP. Oddly enough only the Martini&Rossi light vermouth was in our liquor cabinet. SLL did however had the Creole Shrub Clement Liqueur that ES used. They had 2 types of the Brugal brand rum ES suggested but sadly not the white. So we will need to off to Surdyks at some point since most of our standard rum is dark.

El Presidente in MSP or Hunting old cocktails....

Thanks for the recipe! I am sure I can put it to good use.
ES will go onto my rotation when I'm in Boston for work (it will compete with Helmand, Sel de la Terre, Trattoria Toscana of course) but I would kill for cocktails that good in this town. If I find something close I will definitely let everyone know.

I may try asking at one of the Kincaids or say Prohibition the next time I make it into one of the downtowns for a happy hour.

You'd think we would have a place which catered to such urges.

El Presidente in MSP or Hunting old cocktails....

I had an El Presidente( at Eastern Standard( in Boston recently. It was on their 'Prohibition Repeal 75th anniversery celebration' drink menu. One classic forgotten cocktail per month. El Presidente was the drink for August.

Now I just have to find a place in the cities that can make them and or get DH the components.

Has anyone seen this cocktail in the Twin Cities metro?

Best bars in MSP? Liquor stores?

We typically only buy wine and liquor from any stores in the area during the sales or from their wine clubs. SLL is so convenient to Kowalski's which if you get the 10% discount on your checkout slip, coupled with the gas and time savings seems far more sensible for us than Richfield. They've also increased their spirits selection.

It's also hard to resist the St. Bernard.