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Who sells spiral-cut hams (besides Honey Baked)?

I too got a great ham at Costco last Christmas. Def. recommend it.

Lunch near Back Bay Station, Boston

What dish(es) do you recommend there?

JM Curley Fixed Their Fries (oh no!)

I really like their fried chicken. The fries are too seasoned for my taste.

Help with the Patriots game this Sunday

Taking the train from Boston is especially bad advice when the OP stated that they were continuing on south to Providence after the game.
Billybob: Davios will be just fine. It's not off the charts but it is perfectly fine for a pre-game lunch. Let us know how you liked it.

Raagini Indian Bistro - Andover

Bollywood is terrible. I had a feeling Raagini was finally open when I saw all the lights on Saturday night as I was going into Grassfields for dinner.

I am not a fan of I am looking forward to hearing about your dinner experience.

Locke-Ober was one of the best.

Seems like all the timeless classic places are closing. Locke Ober was a great "special occasion" place for my family. I will miss it, but the owner is smart. He knows when to move on. Better to go out on top than to compromise your principles.

New England Lobster Rolls

I saw it yesterday. It was a very nice and colorful writeup but it is tough to put much stock in something that is one person's assessment. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to lobster rolls. For example, the reviewer rated The Galley's lobster roll as the best based on the addition of the lemon pepper seasoning at the top. For me, this would ruin the entire sandwich.