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Edinburgh: Best Sunday breakfast or day trip lunch

Thanks for this link. The Italian place in NB itself is closed Sunday, unfortunately, and the other places aren't ideal if we're travelling by train, as I understand it. They're good to know about for the future, however.

Oct 06, 2010
retrobolted in U.K./Ireland

Edinburgh: Best Sunday breakfast or day trip lunch

Wow, thanks everyone for the very helpful information. What I'm leaning toward is North Berwick rather than the coastal villages, because I think given how stressful this week has been for her work a short train ride is more relaxed thing to do than rent a car for a longer trip to the coast. But I'll keep those places in mind for the future, perhaps an overnight or longer day.

I'm thinking at the moment of having brunch or lunch in North Berwick, and then trying one of the boat tours put on by the Scottish Seabird Centre. They're supposed to be tons of fun. If anyone has food recommendations for North Berwick itself they would be very welcome.

thanks again!

Oct 06, 2010
retrobolted in U.K./Ireland

Edinburgh: Best Sunday breakfast or day trip lunch

hi everyone,

it's my girlfriend's birthday this Sunday and it's the first time I've been able to spend her birthday with her in two years (due to work commitments on both ends). Breakfast is her favourite meal so I'm hoping to find a really good spot, either within Edinburgh or somewhere nearby. Unfortunately it seems the very best restaurants (e.g., Kitchin) aren't open on Sundays. We've been to urban angel and dogs, but as it's her birthday I'd like to aim for something new or different.

Any recommendations or tips are very welcome. It doesn't matter whether the place is fancy or rather plain....really just looking for something a bit fun to get away from things. In the same vein, if anyone can recommend a decent place in a nearby seaside town or in the countryside, etc., that would be wonderful. We are new to the UK and it would be great to get out of Edinburgh for the day and see some of the neighbouring areas.

thanks, very much, for any help.

Oct 05, 2010
retrobolted in U.K./Ireland

Tobermory good eats

There is a wonderful thin-crust pizza place in Tobermory...better by far than anything I've had in Toronto. It's on the south side of the little bay, just west of the main hotel/restaurant. I highly recommend it. It's more for take out or casual eating by the water (there are a couple of small outside tables). Really, I couldn't believe how good this pizza was.

high end in St. Catharines?

only for breakfast/brunch/lunch, but probably the best restaurant in st. catharines right now in my books

If you find yourself in or near St. Catharines try Frego's

I hope it's okay to put in a good word for another St. Catharines restaurant here, with the thought that anyone looking for recommendations in St. Kitt's will come here: Pan, on St. Paul Street. It is a really cool space and the food blows most of Toronto's brunch places out of the water.

dinner for 20 people at $35 a head?

Thanks a lot to everyone who replied. I tried to go with Quince, but the private room was booked out that night. Bar Italia would have worked, except it was a bit harder to reach given that we were coming from Scarborough by TTC (yet another transfer). Beer Bistro looked like a possibility, if we stretched a bit, except the booking people never returned my email. In the end we went with Trimurti, which was really great -- fast service, despite the crowd, great food, and incredibly cheap. I would definitely recommend Trimurti for a group like this.

dinner for 20 people at $35 a head?

Thanks for those recommendations -- very helpful.

Turns out that C'est What only takes reservations in the summer.

hothousecafe might work...not many warm endorsements on these boards, however. maybe that's too much to expect for $35.

Any other recs? Does anyone have experience with a larger group at the queen mother, or at the asian legend on dundas, which might be close enough to union?

Private Room downtown

I ate there once and the fact, the whole experience...was remarkably bad. I was hoping for quaint, simple, homestyle italians. i ordered the chicken parm and it was as if it came in a tray from price chopper. truly terrible.

dinner for 20 people at $35 a head?

A few weeks back I posted a request for tips on restaurants in Scarborough that would be suitable for students attending an undergraduate conference. At the time I had a budget of $20 per person including tax and tip but no drinks. Several members made very helpful suggestions.

However: the party has moved downtown, and the budget has been bumped to $35 a head including taxes and tip (but again, no drinks). I assume that will open a lot more doors. I would be very very grateful for suggestions. Close to Union Station would be ideal, but I'm open to suggestions of places elsewhere.

I had thought of the new Terroni's, but I'm not sure if they'll take a reservation on a Saturday night for a large group. I also read some reviews recently on chowhound that scare me a bit.

many thanks for any suggestions!

best breakfast joint in Toronto?

I want to register a vote against Easy on Queen at Roncesvalles. We went there today and were pretty disappointed. The food was at best so-so, and it isn't good value for the money. The eggs benny was 10.95 and nothing special....the english muffin wasn't even toasted. And a side order of bacon had the thinnest bacon I've ever just comes across as really cheap to give people bacon that is thinner than a piece of paper.

ISO decent, non-chain restaurant in Scarborough

Thanks to everyone for those great suggestions! Someone else mentioned Red House Thai, although there's a chance it's too small (28 seats). I'll swing by the other places and check them out.

ISO decent, non-chain restaurant in Scarborough

Hi everyone,

I'm helping a group of undergraduates at the University of Toronto at Scarborough plan a conference, and we're all going out for dinner afterwards. There will be between 20 or 30 people. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a restaurant that is appropriate for a group of that size, is not a chain restaurant, and 'very affordable' (we probably have to keep it to $20 a person including tax or tip, although I should note that there will be no alcohol). It definitely doesn't need to be fancy, of course! (And couldn't be at that price.) Just something reasonably respectable inside, decent atmosphere, etc. Oh, and in Scarborough if possible.

Sincere thanks for any suggestions!

Need help with family reunion in Memphis

I'm hoping some Memphis folks can help me find a good restaurant for a family reunion in Memphis. Actually, it's not exactly a family reunion -- I'm getting married in Memphis in the spring and am looking for a restaurant to host a party of sorts for my family and my bride-to-be's family (who are from Memphis). I call it a 'family reunion' because we don't want a stuffy wedding type situation.

To give a better picture of the kind of place we are looking forward, let me say: We had thought that Rendevous would be a perfect place, as it's a fun, informal atmosphere and we could introduce my family (from the far north) to some Memphis tradition. But when I talked to the people at Rendevous they sounded, to be a frank, a bit rude, and while they could give us a semi-private space it wouldn't really be cut off from the main crowd and would likely be quite loud. So....

Can anyone suggest a BBQ restaurant, or something similar, that has decent food, a good atmosophere, and would be appropriate for an informal gathering of 40-50 people? It could have a private room, or we could perhaps book the entire place if it is small enough.

I'll be very grateful for suggestions. Similarly, if you think of a place that deviates from this but might fit the general bill, please let me know as well.

many thanks.