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Nor Cal tips

Unfortunately the hotel is already booked but do not mind a little driving at all. The Napa itinerary definitely sounds a little disjointed. If you were to recommend one winery in Napa or Sonoma to book an tasting appointment with which would your suggest? Far Niente sounds like a front runner to me. And if it helps at all I only said Oxbow Market because it sounded like a forum favorite.

Thanks for all the help!!


Oct 12, 2012
LLukEE in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Quick $10 Option in Downtown Toronto is....

Hey Meatball or Porcetta and Co are great, but a little west of downtown.

Oct 11, 2012
LLukEE in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Nor Cal tips

I would totally agree the list of wineries, is wayyy to intensive to tackle all. My thoughts were to spend one leisurely day in Napa, one in Sonoma and let the travel days happen organically and check out some of the pacific coast ocean views. Off the top of my head;

Napa Day-
Sleep in ;-)
Drive to Far Niente (heard it is stunning).
Lunch at the Oxbow Market
Drive to Palmaz Winery (sounds like an impressive lay out)
Maybe an hour hike in between to take in the vista's.
One more winery (quick, easy, and unpretentious to fill the hotel with famous Napa Pinots. (looking for recommendations here))
Head home to avoid over consumption of the varietals!!

Sonoma Day-
Spend some time exploring the town.
Rent bikes and patrol the country side stopping at a few wineries and possibly a picnic or lunch within a winery (also looking for any reco's here). We are staying at the Sheraton in Petaluma, and from what i hear it is a bit off the beaten path.

I am just spit balling idea's out here and would love some input, to get more of a local flare than falling into line with the masses. Even though it is my first time I really don't want to attempt to tackle 5 wineries a day and feel rushed. Which is why the appointment thing rattles me a bit (that and my propensity to be late for everything!!!)

Also love the food truck idea, i am meeting up with a couple of college buddys that will be all over that!!.

Thanks for all the suggestions,


Oct 11, 2012
LLukEE in San Francisco Bay Area

Nor Cal tips

Love a good food truck. Definitely will be there!!


Oct 11, 2012
LLukEE in San Francisco Bay Area

Nor Cal tips

I know this has been beaten to death in this form so I will try and keep this brief; I will be traveling to San Fran and Sonoma for 6 days (3 in each Oct 22-28th). Thought I would look to the experts for a couple of inquiries I had.

First is the idea of appointments, I am not all that familiar with the idea of creating appointments at the wineries. Is this for tours, tastings, pairings, or all of the above? I grew up just south of Toronto in a small wine region, never made a reservation outside of dinner.

Second which of the wineries are recommended? I would prefer a couple off the beaten path, and a stable or two that represent the region. From patrolling the forms, and small list is below I would anticipate one day in Sonoma, one in Napa. Definitely prefer informal and unstructured, grab a bottle and take in the scenery type places (3 or 4 maybe in each locale). Alternatively if there are any other local attractions I would love a little diversity.

Far Niente
The Hess Collection
Sojourn Cellars
Robert Sinskey
Palmaz Winery
Adobe Road
Cake Bread
Gundlach Bundschu


Finally I know I may be pushing my luck a bit, but looking for a hip and innovative place to grab dinner either Friday or Saturday in San Fran (Preferably not Michael Mina level pricing). We are staying in Fisherman’s Warf but happy to travel. Finally any street food I shouldn’t miss out on? Its my first time there and I am super excited.

If you are looking for any tips for Toronto info I am happy to help as well!!!

Thanks in advance,


Oct 10, 2012
LLukEE in San Francisco Bay Area