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Cream in Canada/Montreal

From the Canadian Dairy Information Centre (

"I know that many of the creams have a preservative (pot. Sorbate) and stabilizers as creams usually sit in the fridge much longer. For sure, organic creams will not have those preservatives, and might contain organic stabilizers."

He said he'd get back with more information after researching further.

Cream in Canada/Montreal

Considering the perceived food/foodie culture in Montreal/QC I'm surprised this is the case.

Cream in Canada/Montreal

In the UK, most of the store-brand creams are additive-free, eg:

Cream in Canada/Montreal

Thanks for the quick reply! I fear we might have eaten the cow at Joe Beef the night before.

Searching online an Ontario blog mentioned Hewitt's 35% whipping cream being all-cream:

So are the additives something specific to Quebec?

Cream in Canada/Montreal

On a recent trip to Montreal I went to the supermarket (Metro) to buy some cream.

There were many varieties, of different fat percentages (5%-35%).

But all products seemed to have added ingredients, such as potassium sorbate, guar, xanthan gums etc.

I spent quite some time looking (much to the amusement of the guy restocking the shelves!) at all the different brands, but could not find one that was *just* cream, without additives.

Is this normal for dairy/cream products in Canada?