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40th Celebration - Fun, Sexy, Delicious!

I'm planning my 40th B'day on Thurs 6 June in NYC. A group of 11 traveling from Australia, so I really want to make it special for them (& me!).

Looking for: Modern & stylish - not formal or stuffy, $70-80 p.p food, relaxing bar/lounge/cocktail area for after dinner or in nearby neighborhood. Semi-private room maybe, though happy to enjoy main dining area as long as we can still hear each other at table. For this occasion prefer no Mexican, tapas, steakhouse. Most of us eat everything, but need options for non-pork eater & non-foodie. Somewhere I can make reservations now.

We are staying in East Village. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Feb 14, 2013
Leeos73 in Manhattan