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Curing Olives--Where to buy Lye?

Marin County seems to have made dry, powdered/flake form of Lye a controlled substance: very difficult to obtain. I think the prohibition has something to do with lye being a component in the Meth Recipie. You can still find lye in liquid forms like Liquid Draino at hardware stores, but I don't trust that in a food recipie.

Lye is also a key ingredient in the candle making / soap making process. If you perform a general web search, you'll find places in Timbuktu that can ship lie to your door...

But to find some place *local,* I went to Google Maps and queried, "candle making" and found an "almost local" studio in Point Richmond that sells "food grade" lye in one pound containers.


Oct 12, 2012
pjerick60 in San Francisco Bay Area