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Dinner in Wallingford

If there's still an interest in an answer to this... I'm not a fan of Michaels. Tried it several times, and finally gave up. Laskara is one of my favorites; a fairly traditional Italian/Mediteranian menu, but very good quality. J. Christians has very good food and a much more creative menu than most others in town. Otherwise, Fratelli's out on Rt 5 in Yale Plaza is good for Italian.

Oct 31, 2012
rickrickwhat in Southern New England

Corner Bistro

Agree with most posts here... Corner Bistro (at least in LIC, haven't been to the one in Manhattan) was a real disappointment. Burger was OK, sides not. Locally, Burger Garage is better, though more of a fast food vibe to it.

Oct 16, 2012
rickrickwhat in Outer Boroughs

Good food in Ardsley?

We agree on Calcutta Wrap and Roll. Great. For more Indian (and more of a real restaurant) also try Chutney Masala on the river in Irvington. We actually went there for Thanksgiving one year for a change from the traditional. And for diners, we like the Fountain in Hartsdale on Central Park Ave. -- it's a liittle expensive for a diner, but the quality is pretty good, as are the portions.

Oct 16, 2012
rickrickwhat in New York State (exc. NYC)