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Dinner in Wallingford

If there's still an interest in an answer to this... I'm not a fan of Michaels. Tried it several times, and finally gave up. Laskara is one of my favorites; a fairly traditional Italian/Mediteranian menu, but very good quality. J. Christians has very good food and a much more creative menu than most others in town. Otherwise, Fratelli's out on Rt 5 in Yale Plaza is good for Italian.

Corner Bistro

Agree with most posts here... Corner Bistro (at least in LIC, haven't been to the one in Manhattan) was a real disappointment. Burger was OK, sides not. Locally, Burger Garage is better, though more of a fast food vibe to it.

Oct 16, 2012
rickrickwhat in Outer Boroughs

Good food in Ardsley?

We agree on Calcutta Wrap and Roll. Great. For more Indian (and more of a real restaurant) also try Chutney Masala on the river in Irvington. We actually went there for Thanksgiving one year for a change from the traditional. And for diners, we like the Fountain in Hartsdale on Central Park Ave. -- it's a liittle expensive for a diner, but the quality is pretty good, as are the portions.