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Do you have any food "rituals"?

I regret to mention, I am also a baked potato latticer.

I'm also one of the foodies that must make sure every item is savored for it's individual properties, one savory bite at a time. I actually take things one step further; if we're cooking at home and a side dish is going to have runoff (butter, sauce, cream) it gets its own bowl, to avoid mixing with everything else.

When eating prime rib au jus, one of my favorite meals at a restaurant, I always take the first piece i cut off and let it sit in the cup o' juice, to steep and get ridiculously salty and moist for the last bite.

Some people can't eat an Arby's frosty without dipping fries. I take it one step further and dunk chicken nuggets. A perfect combination of hot, cold, sweet, and salty.

Oct 09, 2012
Jaydob2234 in General Topics