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Restaurants near the High

Am traveling with a group of about 20 people from Philadelphia in late September for a tour of art museums in your lovely city. Need lunch and dinner suggestions on the level of the Vetri restaurants in Philly if you are familiar with them. Nice wine list, good food and room for a group. Italian or farm-to-table would be good. Looking forward to some great suggestions....!

Jul 08, 2013
amrobinson in Atlanta

Alternative to Starbucks!

There is a great app called coffeeguru that lists and reviews independent coffee houses. It uses your current location to suggest options. Extremely useful when traveling. I think it costs $1.99. I love it. I don't love Starbucks.

Oct 09, 2012
amrobinson in Philadelphia

Favorite places for 1

Keep trying. And follow them on Twitter. They often post mid-day when a table becomes available. The best.

Oct 08, 2012
amrobinson in Philadelphia

Food markets in western suburbs? (nearish Broomall)

The Farmers Market in Suburban Square(Ardmore) has a great seafood counter, a DiBruno's outpost for spices, cheeses and charcuterie, Lancaster County Meats and a decent veggie stand. Expensive but top quality. Also there is a Trader Joes next to it, and Whole Foods in Wynnewood is less than a mile away. BTW, super nice of you to cook for your parents. I'm pretty sure in most households its the other way around!

Oct 08, 2012
amrobinson in Philadelphia