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Casual, inexpensive food options for a wedding in metro Vancouver (vegans and meat-lovers unite)

I am getting married next summer. Not sure about the venue yet. Possibly UBC farm, possibly Fort Langley. May retreat to community centre if all else fails.

We are having a large (150ish), casual, budget wedding with a bit of a mexican theme. I am a lapsed vegetarian who eats seafood and my fiancee is a meat-lover with a jewish family (no pig roasts but it doesn't have to be kosher). I have a fair number of vegan/vegetarian friends and there are several celiacs in the wedding party (I feel like we can probably manage this well with wheat-free versions of whatever we come up with so it's not an enormous consideration but it would be nice to have a wheat-free option). I don't want the vegetarian option to be an afterthought. It needs to be tasty tasty tasty but cheap (15/person?). I am happy with disposable plates.

Any ideas of where we can turn to for food? We were thinking about BBQ or a food cart? Mexican, Thai, Indian, Westcoast, MIddle Eastern, Vietnamese - we love them all. Burgers? Sandwiches?

Thank you so much for your suggestions!!

ETA: It's a dinner reception. We may raid Costco for cocktail hour appetizers although suggestions for that are appreciated as well.