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Italian or California cuisine restaurant for group birthday dinner?

I've been searching the archives for suggestions for a group birthday dinner of about 10 people. Osteria Mozza comes up over and over again, but a) it's a bit pricier than what we are looking for, and b) no availability on the night we need it. Here's the skinny:

-We've got a bunch of particular eaters - a couple of vegetarians, some kosher folk who don't eat pork or shellfish, peeps who don't like Indian food... so Italian or Cal Cuisine seem like our best choices to accommodate everyone's needs.

-It's a 35th birthday, so want a fun vibe but also someplace that we can still hear one another.

-Could be a big table, could be a private room.

-Needs to take reservations (so no Bottega Louie).

-Geography open - anywhere from Silverlake to Santa Monica to Downtown. Not the Valley, as too inconvenient for some of the folks.


Oct 05, 2012
jerseyred in Los Angeles Area